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  1. I was going to suggest keith but i like his idea it seems like island would be the best way to establish and distribute them into the hobby eventually. P.s. sorry about the pm's and emails regarding these guys
  2. here he is last night Untitled by monostomatic, on Flickr
  3. I had the same experiance they dont get past the vasoline
  4. As far as I know wide horn is still the common name for g.oblongonata.
  5. this guy caught my eye when I passed by the tank last night. 014 by monostomatic, on Flickr
  6. It's been almost three weeks for me I just figure they are really busy over there with beetle season
  7. Welcome doc where are you from?
  8. Inside or outside is fine whatever you think will look better
  9. All of the roaches you listed and most inverts you will probably keep in the future will benifit from good vetilation. A lack of air flow will lead to mold and mildew and all sorts of gross. Not all creatures have the same requirments though so it may take some research or trial and error depending on what you are working with. You don't mean all in the same tub do you?
  10. So just for frass and giggles i set up a little side colony of dubia and offered them some grape leaves along with some pond sticks i feed my main colony and they didnt touch the grape leave as far as i could tell. I waited a couple days for them to eat the sticks and then tried again with grape leaves as there only food source with still no intrest. So in short i revived and old post and added no new information.
  11. Screen is best for most species unless they need a ton of humidity then i might go with drilling holes. You have to drill a lot of holes in order to get enough ventilation.
  12. Great to have you here Inverts are a slippery slope your small invert section will turn into the bug room before you know it
  13. Welcome to the forum its good to see so many new faces
  14. Welcome to the forum i will check out your link
  15. My E.posticus mate before the females dry out all the time. The males will surround the females and display while they shed then as soon as the wings straighten they chase them around the cage and hook up. I posted a pic of it in breeding and nymph issues if somebody that knows what they are doing wants to link it.
  16. Congratulations! Its about time some roach people got recognition from the real world
  17. so about two years ago i purchased a couple dozen domino nymphs from kenthebugguy. since it was such a fancy roach i wanted to try as close to a natural setup as i could. i layered some mulch and leaves and all in a bucket setup. i left the roaches to feed off the decaying plant material and watered them when the bucket started to dry all through the first year i wasnt able to keep the temp above the low 70's for the first year then i moved and switched to a tub that i was able to heat better. i started to feed them at this point also (mostly bug burger and bee pollen). today after a little more than two years i had my first nymph molt to a adult. how long does it take everyone elses to mature under normal conditions? i have some ?'s and they seem to mature in only about 6months or so. i know that i slowed there development but two years seems a bit much. domino by monostomatic, on Flickr
  18. its a bad picture but they wouldnt sit still Untitled by monostomatic, on Flickr
  19. I have the best luck with oranges and mango
  20. Welcome to the forum! Is s.l.o. san luis obispo?
  21. Welcome to the forum
  22. Welcome to the forum. Nice setup
  23. Welcome to the forum. Nice setup
  24. Thanks for the information its already more than i have been able to find online
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