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  1. I am going camping in 29 palms California in a couple of weeks and was hoping to find some roaches. I am only ever able to find info on pest species when I search for native info. does anyone know much about the native sand roaches in southern California specifically if 29 palms is in there range and if they are active this time of year. any hunting tips would be greatly appreciated as well. thanks so much
  2. I have been raising my e.posticus colony under a fluorescent plant light to see if nymphs raised under the light would be more diurnal and was surprised to find that the adult would "bask" under the light. The tank i use is somewhat tall and as far as i can tell it isnt any warmer under the light. I use 3" heat tape along the back of the tank the roaches will spend most of there time next to the heat when the room is cold rather than sitting under the liight so i assume heat is not there motivation. I keep the light on about 12 hours a day they still mostly seem to feed at night and i only ever notice mature roaches "basking". I would be interested in anyone elses observations. DSC_0010 by monostomatic, on Flickr no flash just hanging out in the light
  3. He is a handsome roach welcome to the forum
  4. I have a couple of tubs i keep pretty moist so i thought i would try a few ladybugs to see how they do. I have only ever released them outside before and then i opened the container and dumped them out right away. I opened the ladybug tub and proceeded to tap the side to knock some out they crawled out in every direction others immediately took flight. it was far from my proudest moment and another reason against ladybugs for mite control.
  5. Great looking roaches and pictures!
  6. Did you raise larva or start a colony from adults? How did you keep them what where there captive requirements? I normally just dump a bunch on my rose bushes i have never tried to keep them in a tank before so i wasnt sure if it would work or not. Just curious thanks
  7. They eat all kinds of mites and tiny soft bodied insects. My question is more about whether or not the would be a effective solution to a mite outbreak.
  8. Has anyone ever tried combating grain or spider mites with ladybugs? Do you think ladybugs would bother roach nymphs?
  9. Good choice the question mark looks great as a tattoo!
  10. I have found freshly molted orange head roaches mating before. I watched three different roaches chasing this newly molted roach around flicking there wings trying to hook up. is it normal for for roaches to breed before they dry out or is my colony just kinda trashy? orangelove by monostomatic, on Flickr
  11. I made this enclosure for my orange head colony. I keep it in my dining area and use it to get rid of table scraps. prepotato by monostomatic, on Flickr they didn't eat some raw potato so I have just been letting it grow this last month. orange head potatoes by monostomatic, on Flickr sorry about the bad phone pics e.potaticus by monostomatic, on Flickr they prefer meat to there potatoes pinky mouse vs. orangehead by monostomatic, on Flickr
  12. I use three inch heat tape and 4watt zoo-med heat pads on sterilite tubs and critter keepers without thermastats without any problems you just have to make sure there is a little air flow around the heating element and it shouldnt overheat
  13. Sorry to hear about your loss you should definitely get some more H.tenebricosa they're tuff and adorable!
  14. I have had really good responce to mango from my orange heads, roths, horshoes, wide horns, tiger hissers, six spot, and zebra faced roaches everyone else can take or leave it.
  15. I tried to feed some eggshells to my e.posticus last week but they didn't touch them.
  16. I will find less dominant males off on there own sometimes
  17. I have found crickets and a glowspot roach in the last year that have turned pink after death. I assumed it was due to the colour in the dry food i feed, but the humidity makes more sense. I havnt had the pink/death effect more than a single critter at a time so i assume its not contagious.
  18. I have some finches whose waste i divide up between my cave dwelling roaches when i clean the birds cage. I have a couple different hissers with nymphs i will have to try them on it as well.
  19. The nile should eat them better over time they can be kinda nervous eaters sometimes. Any of african grassland monitors (sav,black or white throat) will eat anything anytime its in there nature to binge or a couple big beardies if you dont want another giant lizard.
  20. I think i am going to give rubber cement a try if it works i will post a picture
  21. I always use oak because there is a lot of it around where i live i believe you should be fine with any hardwood though.
  22. Anyone ever try to stick a tiny hat on a G.oblongata. i was wondering if anyone had any ideas what i could use to stick a tiny stocking cap to a wide horns pronotum for a couple hours that wont damage the roach.
  23. I usually boil my wood for a couple hours and bake leaves in the oven in a disposable turkey pan at about 200° for about 2hrs. Make sure to keep a close eye on it if you are baking anything flammable also it makes my whole house smell like oak for some time. A lot of people microwave or freeze thing to clean them also.
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