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  1. These beetle breeding items are things you never see in the US (we just see the beetle jellies, holders, splitters and a few things) and some like the anti-mite bedding sound a little dangerous. I think the special substrate water is just water? Anybody use the orange gel beads or pellets?
  2. I was looking over my account and I don't see an option which seems strange.
  3. The spermatophore from breeding probably lasts close to a year.
  4. It's like anything else, things get popular for a little while and then everybody gets some and then nobody wants them and then they peter out and then they get popular again when nobody has them. The cycle is problematic for less easy to maintain species but is okay to keep most in perpetuity.
  5. There are a lot of inorganic and organic things they won't eat. However, one thing you can't feed them is slightly overripe coconut meat.
  6. Does he seem fine otherwise? The bottoms of the feet are always white.
  7. This species was one of the very first offerings of unique European isopods in the hobby beginning in 2016. They are neat but not like the ones that later arrived. Anyone still keeping these? Any five-year-old stock around?
  8. Please keep us updated. It would be great to see how the adults look. Very nice looking nymph!
  9. Can they really just eat styrofoam and grow?
  10. They can be as little as 1mm high (dorsoventrally flattened) but many times longer and wider. It's more about leaving a lid open or off on accident.
  11. I say try Blaberus or Eublaberus, hissers are beautiful, especially a massive male oblongonota but they climb and babies can be a pain to enclose, especially in big numbers.
  12. We are a bit late but I think it's one of those fire hazards that is real but almost impossible.
  13. Probably a Periplaneta, smokybrown cockroach.
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