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  1. The females are certainly bigger and heavier in body. Crumpled wings is due mostly to overcrowding and improper molting surfaces.
  2. If she aborts the ootheca the isopods will chew on it but they aren't the cause.
  3. She decided after getting her engineering degree she wanted to be an English Teacher in Japan at least for a while. She posts videos every week but still hasn't posted an insect store video yet. She has been there since summer 2019. I haven't used most of it since it's like spending a coin collection but she should send me more for Christmas maybe.
  4. I still remember my first hissers in 1980. They had such a special smell and feel of uniqueness that is entirely lost on me now.
  5. Might be old age, but too much heat and dryness can kill them too. If you're not trying to breed them there is no need for extra heat or basking.
  6. I don't know how I missed this post. So sorry, the main thing is getting the moisture right, not too dry or too wet. The cage decorations don't matter much.
  7. Do you have a picture of your expansus? They look different from different areas and just two localities are in the main hobby.
  8. I think Porcellio expansus is bigger than both if you're looking at overall size but many Ligia are bigger than the very biggest Porcello.
  9. I've seen a lot of neat patterns but I don't ever remember different sized wings. The patterns are easy to breed for.
  10. Welcome! There are tons of great invertebrates in Texas.
  11. If it is outside here body for more than the half hour it takes to form and retract the ootheca is dead. If it happens again and doesn't fall off you can cut off what's sticking out. Gently trying to remove could damage her.
  12. Have you figured it out? Usually they only get stuck if it is too dry or they're old and sickly.
  13. Did you ever get them again? Any chance the losses had to do with seasonal temperatures affecting the indoor temps or humidity?
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