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  1. I think it should be close to the heat mat so you get a good reading to avoid hot spots.
  2. The Cleveland Aqarium stock is 1972 and I'm not sure if vendors are using that name for a pure stock actually from there. Of course G. oblongonata are the coolest by a mile.
  3. December 2020 Invertebrates Magazine Issue This issue we begin with a relative freshman to Pachnoda culture introduced to us by Hes of Sklipkan arthropod magazine fame (sklipkan means spider, or more specifically tarantula, in the Czech Republic). Next, we look at culturing a pretty, little, Nearctic tortoise beetle, 2020’s imports of camel-spiders out of Egypt, and a contender for the largest of the terrestrial isopods, Titan A. E. (After Entomology as crustaceans have taken over the bug hobby). We review three decades of experiences keeping the heaviest non-colonial invertebrates on ear
  4. Are you looking more for a pet or a breeding project?
  5. Mine are often orange but things with variable colors shift over many generations.
  6. I don't know how they made these photos but I have a black light flashlight and tried both species and don't see anything like these images.
  7. I tried all my big species and never saw a hint. I never thought to look at either Trichorhina.
  8. You could just pet them in the cage until you get used to them.
  9. I don't think your statement is true and this is probably the only current stock that didn't come through Europe. You're basing your assessment on some photos of misidentified wild specimens.
  10. Welcome! Do you have baby hissers you're handling or just small adults/large nymphs?
  11. I suggest Lucihormetica subcincta or Lucihormetica verrucosa, they won't bother your allergies and can be kept more damp than the pantanal. They breed decently well if you have an established colony. Have you tried the other 3 Eublaberus species in captivity?
  12. I've had terrible luck with Dorylaea orini and low ventilation, no problem with Panchlora and Ergaula and no visible ventilation. Most do need vents.
  13. The red edge seem to be slow breeding compared to other cubaris like the duckies. My colony is a year older than the ducky colony and I started with 8 and I maybe have 100 but started with 5 ducky and have 500. Do yours seem to reproduce well?
  14. Try moving some or all to a new setup. My serranus is from maybe 2007 and they seem fine in the same cage. I have other roach colonies that have been in the same cage since 1995. My discoidalis I've had since 89 and the portentosa are an unmixed line from 72. Usually a change in care level, or differences in weather that affect indoor conditions are the problem. There is afungus that can wipe out a colony but I've only seen the fungus take out Corydia and Polyphaga and it still takes a few years to blow out a decent colony. Sadly it ends in 100% mortality eventually no matter what you do.
  15. Great photos! I wonder if the females die easily during this time or if they are very tough. You would think the larval feeding would make them weak.
  16. A variety is usually best, at least when you start. You can then see what they eat best and feed them accordingly. Clowns might be able to do fine just on carrots but I feed them koi pellets too. You're not really forced to follow a specific regimen for them to do well. The moisture is more important than the food (you could forget to feed them for a few weeks and they'd nibble on the wood and leaves but you let them dry out and they die). Your feeding schedule is going to be based on how much they eat, if the food starts to mold or rot you need to slow down.
  17. Yep, they look like adult predatory mites. That is about as big as they'll ever get.
  18. I don't think reputation is a big factor in internet sales. I've known vendors with crazy reputations who continue many years later but still get unusual things (I still break down and place an order now and then). It mostly has to do with rare items and advertising sales. I know Kyle seemed to do an amazing amount of sales and I have no idea why he has shut down so often and for such long stretches. I imagine whatever he's done to drum up great sales can be repeated by him, but it does seem he disappears for longer and longer periods. Keep in mind there may be much that you know that is entir
  19. I agree very much with you in the sense that unidentified hybrids have led to some tainted blood lines. Since the two "species" are sympatric it is unlikely they really are different species. In the case of hissers there's the idea that in nature they are isolated so maybe they're 'real' species but the types for these are "both" Dalmatia.
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