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  1. Rebecca77 How are they doing now? They look more than 7-8 months old in that picture unless that leaf is really small.
  2. I don't think they're booklice because booklice don't burrow. I've had booklice get in a few cages from dried-out bark covered with lichen colleted locally. If they get too wet or the lichen runs out they die out. The bark species are about the size of a fruit fly as adults and a colony lays down a lot of webbing which can strangle very tiny babies of other creatures and there's little chance they'd be useful for anything other than observation. I've seen some tiny, yellow things that are much smaller that are probably booklice but they are also hydrophobic and not good cleaners.
  3. I'd say remember to feed and water them regularly, it may not seem like great advice but care is usually the only really important thing. I also recommend this book: https://www.amazon.com/Love-Cockroaches-Husbandry-Biology-Blattodea/dp/1616464275
  4. I got the new wavelength light and the expansus look a little different, on a few species like A. frontirostre and P. ornatus the gray body parts look purple, and some the dead ones glow but not the live ones. However, I don't see anything on the duckies even remotely like the pics. What does look crazy neat is the white micros. The rear tip (abdomen) glows bright purple. Jungle micros do not.
  5. I know if you feed them punky (barely starting to rot) coconut you can kill 90% of them, all the adults.
  6. If it does work I'm curious to see if other things that don't fluoresce under normal black lights will.
  7. I was told by a vendor at a local show the reason these do not fluoresce under standard black light bulbs or flashlights is the wavelength is wrong. He said the light needs to be 365nm. I ordered a light in that wavelength just now to see if it's true.
  8. I don't think Flamingswampert was offended but then I also don't know what his/her short, non-descript message meant. I think it meant ignore the chatter but it could mean feathers are lighter than stones. I don't remember anyone questioning the validity of the extinct designation before but of course we still can't prove big dinosaurs are extinct with 100% certainty. I recall a movie suggesting a lost world full of them is in the hollow earth beneath an artificial sun. There maybe some Simandoa there too.
  9. Did you have superworms in there? I had a friend years ago with a 55-gallon tank filled with captive reared African Giant Black millipedes and Blaberus and they grew up from eggs with the Blaberus.
  10. Those are handsome little roaches. I found a tiny adult grasshopper today with a body length of 6mm.
  11. https://bioone.org/journals/journal-of-orthoptera-research/volume-13/issue-1/1082-6467(2004)013[0057:ANGASO]2.0.CO;2/A-new-genus-and-species-of-cave-cockroach-Blaberidae/10.1665/1082-6467(2004)013[0057:ANGASO]2.0.CO;2.full
  12. No, they are a symptom of some other cause.
  13. Roachforum is the oldest of the existing invertebrate forums. Thanks to every member and especially Peter of BIC for keeping it alive. The costs and competing groups that come and go could easily have fizzled it out without such support.
  14. Welcome! Arenivaga are pretty easy to keep in a cage with solid sides, a vented lid, a few inches of sandy soil and some leaf litter. They will eat very tiny amounts of dog food and fruit too.
  15. Actually it's ammonia buildup because they don't bind it in uric acid but even if they understood what they were talking about they'd be wrong.
  16. I have no idea what they're on, it has probably been in there for twenty years.
  17. I use shoeboxes without fitting lids but no holes.
  18. For most species the babies at least will climb out of those holes. They can't climb smooth surfaces very well but they do.
  19. Thanks Martin. I've always wanted to get an electronic version up but I couldn't convert the old files to something usable and didn't have anyone who would be able to host them. I'm not sure I would have the money and certainly not the time to build and pay for a hosting platform. Coachwhip gave the opportunity to get them up just a week or two ago. They are combined and translated from 2000.pub files (2 or 3 files per issue) and each file is 25-65 MB which you still can't send in an e-mail. The reason for multiple files and why the oldest ones have b/w pics in the text is the color ones took
  20. First time ever available in electronic format. Available through Coachwhip Books https://coachwhip.com/collections/invertebrate-pets/products/invertebrates-magazine-2001-2002 there are dozens of cockroach articles and features.
  21. I think it should be close to the heat mat so you get a good reading to avoid hot spots.
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