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  1. What initially looked like a dead roach on the enclosure floor turned out to be a nicely intact moult. Here are the pics of a moult left by a penultimate Blaptica dubia male, before becoming a full-fledged mature male:
  2. Nice, thanks for sharing! it's interesting that they look quite different, especially the males.
  3. Nice, thanks for sharing! Would you be able to post a comparison pic of the two color forms?
  4. It's an interesting question, I've been wondering about it as well. In some Phasmid (stick insect) species there is evidence that inbreeding by hobbyists has led to stock with reduced vigour eg Extatosoma tiaratum. I don't know if the same has been seen in roaches. Then again, when one considers that captive chinchillas today were supposedly derived from just 12 animals..
  5. Thanks! Would appreciate any other advice that anyone has to offer!
  6. Hi Blattodea313, thanks for the useful information! Would you say that the Panchlora sp 'giant' take longer to mature and/or breed?
  7. Sorry silly mistake, I forgot to add 'giant'! Do Panchlora sp. 'giant' and Panchlora nivea differ much in their maturation and breeding time? There are some threads on lifespan etc, but can't seem to find much information otherwise.
  8. Hi, how long does each species take to mature (am guessing the sp takes slightly longer)? And are there any specific differences with regard to their care/breeding? Would appreciate any information. Thanks!
  9. Hi Tiff! Thanks what other pets do you have?
  10. Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I did consider the Blaberidae sp. 'Kenya' but they may be a little small. They are cute, though! The Blaberus spp are all interesting but might get a little too big for what I'm looking for. As for the O. duesta, was thinking of getting a small colony so the absolute numbers produced wont be so large..
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