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  1. Thanks He's the only one I have that turned out like that. Kinda neat!
  2. Something I could handle would be neat, nothing too fast or flying. Pretty is always a bonus
  3. Hello there. My name is Tina and right now I've only got a little mini-crew of Hissers as pets, but I'm hoping to get a colony of dubias going for my tarantulas and some new guys as pets (suggestions on what I should get next?). My other pets right now include 8 tarantulas, 2 mice, 2 rats, a pastel ball python, 2 parakeets, 4 cats, 1 dog, an evergrowing horde of African cichlids, 3 green puffers, and 2 bettas. My roaches have been a surprising favorite though
  4. These guys are what is left of a colony I started from two hissers I bought from a petstore. I bought the original "Hank" as a treat for my tarantula (back when I only had one), but he was too cool to feed off so I eventually went back and got him a lady friend (He was bright orange, but she was almost entirely black). The colony exploded for awhile, but after a couple years I've come down to a foursome so here they are. This is Big Mama (I think you can see why I call her that lol). This one I call Big Daddy (though he's obviously not as big as Mama). These are the two youngsters
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