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  1. The male shown has not molted recently and I am breeding them for that color. The females don't really show the coloration, but i am seeing more and more of these colors in my colonies. The nymphs are changing colors too.
  2. Thank you! I took that picture after she layed her eggs, so she looks a little plump.
  3. I got them at dubideli.com , so i a really sure they are dubias. Also i have regular dubias just a few are light brown. Thanks for your opinion though!
  4. Here are my two panther chameleons! Btw i am on the chameleon forums most of the time.
  5. Hello, I was told that this was the place to go to get some answers from several roach experts. Anyway i posted thread on the chameleon forums a few days ago and got lots of opinions on what thery actually are. I got mostly cuban brown burrowing roach opinions, but also hybrids. Here is a link to that: http://www.chameleonforums.com/true-dubia-color-morph-96021/ The guy i bought him from only sells dubias and also said he has some morphs in his colonies although i think mine are a more noticeable difference when it comes to color. I was wondering is this rare to see color changes like this? Also do you have any color morphs in your colonies. Here are some pictures.
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