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  1. I'm getting a roach colony started for a bearded dragon breeding project and I might need more roaches and I came across the surinam roach, but I couldn't find much information on them them so far. So does anyone know how often they lay ootheca, about how many babies are in each one, and how long until they mature? Also, what is the best way to keep them from escaping their bin? Thanks, Zander
  2. I have heard about all these blaberus hybrids that everyone hates and came across someone saying that they reproduce faster and are usually larger. So, compared to purebred blaberus species what is the difference in size and reproduction? I was thinking of maybe starting a small culture of them to only feed to my bearded dragons, so that's why I'm asking.
  3. I don't think that picture worked worked, but I researched it a little and think it might be a figeater beetle larvae
  4. This is my biggest larvae and it's about an inch long. I have seen larger larvae up to two inches though.
  5. I found some beetle larvae in my back yard while I was digging in Arizona and I was thinking about raising them. They look like rhinoceros beetle larvae or stag beetle larvae, but I don't know the difference. Does anyone know what species of beetle they might be? Do both the larvae and the adults eat wood, or do the adults eat fruit or veggies as well?
  6. As for the water crystals you should make sure that they are not the water crystals used for gardening because they often contain chemicals. I get my water crystals from ebay that are made for crickets but you can get them from many other roach suppliers too.
  7. It's very unlikely as they are a desert roach.
  8. Could Turkistan roaches infest my house if they escaped somehow? I live in the desert in Arizona and heard that they're from the middle east, so I'm a little concerned.
  9. You can put spring tails in your roach enclosure and they will stop most, if not all mold from growing. You can buy some at roachcrossing.com for $5 for one hundred.
  10. Should I use substrate for Shelfordella lateralis? I am thinking of placing a water bottle with holes on the lid in my enclosure for extra humidity, so would that work instead?
  11. They look like blaberus fusca hybrids to me.
  12. I want to start a shelfordella lateralis (Turkish roach) colony and I am wondering about how many I should get. I have 2 adult bearded dragons, 1 sub adult bearded dragon, and I am going to be breeding my 2 adult bearded dragons.
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