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  1. hi!! thank you so much for your help! ❀ he is in a 10 x 9 inch critter keeper terrarium lined with newspaper. i think he's an adult?? he's not very large but he's formed horns. in his terrarium there is a big piece of sponge and until recently a little house for him to hide in. i just replaced it with a toilet paper tube so he'd have more room. i've never seen him drink. he's always hiding. is there anything you'd recommend? ♥ thank you very, very, very much! ♥
  2. i got my first cockroach, an adult male madagascar hissing cockroach, like two weeks ago, and he hasn't eaten a thing that i can tell. i've offered him slices of carrot, apple, savoy cabbage, dog food, peas and carrots and i've had to throw it all out without seeing it reduce at all. ***i'm sorry if this isn't the correct forum or site to ask this but i couldn't find any information about it on google and i'm really worried about my baby :'<
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