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  1. Lol guess I won't take the chance then. I'm stil looking to do a multi species setup any ideas
  2. I have like 3 of the cave roache nymphs left. They seen to be pretty slow growing but hardy.
  3. I am just wondering if domino and question mark roaches can interbreed. I would like to have a multi species setup and those 2 are my favorites. Also wondering if others have multi species setups, if so what do u have in them.
  4. I was looking thru my G.portentosa bin and saw a weird looking female. She was very round and long. Not the normal shape. You can even see her whole head. Wish I could post pics but it won't let me. If someone could post them for me let me know. I moved her to her own container for now as I think she is gravid.
  5. Just wanted to let those people I have been dealing with and talking to on here that I have a new profile name. I didn't realize that there was another person who's is was Matt k, so I had mine changed to matt45
  6. I think I saw another one aborting her ootheca even though I don't see it anywhere. I do know that when they first get pregnant that the ootheca is partly out side of the body then drawn back in to position it correctly, I'm hoping that's what was happening.
  7. Well still haven't heard from the person but what should show up my item on Monday. I still think its messed up not emailing or trying to get a hold of me to let me know what's up. I understand things happen but if it was me I would have found a way to contact the person. I did send a email appologizing
  8. That's the other part I should have asked for more info oh we'll. I don't even think that's her real name for some reason. I understand that it's not a lot of money that I lost but it just makes no sense she would do this. If anyone knows this Lauren Yeager and can find out what the heck is going on please let me know. I hated opening a dispute so soon because I realize things happen but not to even try and respond to one message is crap.
  9. I don't have the user name only the name she gave me as I was stupid enough to put my email address in my ad on here. Her name is Lauren Yeager. If I'm not supposed to use the real name mods please delete this. If anyone knows this person please let me know if u have any contact with her. Thanks
  10. Should I post the persons name on here to see if anyone knows her or not to see if they can help out
  11. I understand that but it's funny that as soon as they got my money they refuse to answer any emails plus all PayPal will do right now is try and contact them for me. One thing is this isn't the first time something like this has happened to me and I gave that person the benefit of the doubt and lost my money. So now I tend to not be as forgiving. Plus it's weird they made sure to let me know they got the money then bam they stopped responding. Trust me when I make a deal with someone that I always try and keep in touch some way some how.
  12. Oh I forgot to ad because of my back surgery I can't go get any leaves plus I'm not working for a few months do 11 dollars is money I could have spent elsewhere
  13. Well I'm new to the forum but been lurking for a bit. I have a problem and it really has my trust of people going down a lot. I had back surgery a few weeks ago do I placed an ad on here for oak leaves because I'm unable to and eel I'm unable to get any around here right now. Long story on that so I won't tell it. I get an email from an individual from the forum here telling me she can send me all I want I just pay shipping. Cool not a problem so I send the money for shipping its not much. Well since she recieved the money bam she won't respond to any of me emails or anything so I went ahead and opened a dispute with PayPal. Granted maybe something happened but to just stop texting right after they recieve the money is funny. It kind of makes me not want to even attempt to buy anything from anyone on the forum here. I know not everyone is crooked but it makes me very untrusting. I know it wasn't a lot of money I'm out only like $11.00 it's the principle of it plus I still don't have my oak leaves for my millipedes. I would post her name up here ( if it's even her real name) just not sure if it's allowed. What does everyone think .
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