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  1. Its adult female G. Oblongonata with around an inch of her insides (I don't know) on the wrong end.
  2. Thats difficult to assert really. Ask your supplier if they ever had the two in a communal enviroment. I know most people avoid that, but its possible. Personally, I think it looks like a Cuban roach.
  3. They're prone to hissing with the initial handling, but like Keith I've never heard them hiss beforehand. I actually like the sound of the hissing. (Unless I'm studying)
  4. I thought so, yours are just really rosy looking because of the photos. Good to know we both have some similar May babies.
  5. On a great side note, I just realized my G. Oblongonata female is crowded with fresh hatched offspring. 25-30 I would estimate but I haven't given them a real headcount. By the way Keith, what species is that? I don't recall you mentioning.
  6. I didn't mean "preferably desired" in our favor, but rather it may be desired by male roaches.
  7. Fresh molts probably give off a stronger pheromone. Maybe they're also preferably desired for their obvious potential to carry the first mates offspring? lol
  8. Ace

    Welcome back!

    I love the publication. I am really hoping that a second release comes out by 2014-15. Posting a shot of one G. Oblongonota on the intropage.
  9. Obviously, a 2013 calender wasn't made. However, I think this happened because of a lack in organization and pre-planning. This thread wasn't even created until the end of 2012. We should all start work on the 2014 calender ASAP. Those of us which plan on partcipating should take the shots before the last month of 2013, and use a simple program like Irfanview to resize appropriate requirements. I'm completely for a 2014 calender. I just hope everybody else bothers to check this thread and decide for themselves if they want to help make it happen.
  10. One of my P. vanwaerebeki molted last night and I was excited to see red-edge colorations, but immediately I noticed tons of brand new babies (the size of grain mites) running in between folds. Then I noticed my hand, and maybe 8 or 9 of them had already descended in a Columbus-like exploration. I'm going to have to accept this.
  11. My peppers prefer lettuce but they've chewed on peanutbutter and non-buttered popcorn before, although junkfood rarely gets offered. Grapes and oranges are ignored typically but strawberries have been acknowledged. You're definitely going to want substrate around 2-3 inches if you ask me. Dirt is like their drug..
  12. They're docile, and some get fairly large. I used to think cockroaches were horrible little beasts with a cynical agenda, and even now I refuse to handle the classic American cockroach (even though I actually find it beautiful in its overall coloration). Good, low maintenance pets. Even then, you should give day-to-day attention and care for all of your roaches.
  13. I've read that also, but I like handling my largest roaches often and I don't want to accidently free a pregnant mite and infest my room. Although I can't speak professionally about this topic, I would imagine it to be a problem if there was too many mites and they're crowding in between nooks like leg joints or the neck. Just wondering if it could lead to hindered movement or something else bad? I can't say. Just trying to play it safe since I've read its also not a problem to remove mites.
  14. I can pleasantly announce that I share a birthday with your new litter of roaches. Can't say for definite but I swear one of my G. Oblongonatas has pregnancy belly. For bonding sake I used a paint brush to get around 6 or so mites off of her the other day. The ones that hide in the corners of their chests are such menaces..
  15. Peter sent about 10-12 Ergaula Capucina as a birthday present when I bought a Gold Knee tarantula off him, and the E. Capucina turned out to be some of the most stunning colorations I'd seen. They're really nice to handle, skiddish at first but quick to calm. I doubted beetle-mimic roaches before this batch.
  16. "WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm." "Perfect for crickets & other feeder insects" The overall labeling would imply that this product is intended for insects that do not hold our concern in long-term health. In the short run, something like this would probably be completely harmless, but if its exposed over the course of a few months to years, who knows? I'm sure nobody has done tests with this brand as of yet, but it would be very interesting to note any effects it has on a colony over the course of a few generations. Is anybody knowledgable on this? I've been extremely hesistant to give this water source to anything I own. Maybe its only harmful to humans, but in theory I believe anything with DNA can be harmed by a carcinogen after timely exposure.
  17. I've heard that keeping cages on tables with gelled legs works against outside predators, specifically ants. Edit: By gelled, I mean petroleum jelly layered in rings around the table legs.
  18. Its safe to assume that every dedicated Blatticulturist (yeah, I said it) or general creature-enthusiast has dreams of their roaches or other pets on a regular basis. I can say personally that I dream probably most nights of a run-in or obscure visual story regarding the nature world. So, at long last, we should have a thread to share the nonsense of our brains at rest. Remember, nothing in the dream landscape is too bizarre. Share it all openly, judgment is banned.
  19. If its a valuable breeder as you say, it may have been percieved as an alpha by the others and this would explain why they would attack as a group. Merely an assumption, but it happens all the time in nature.
  20. I appreciate the skin pattern. Always a beautiful creature.
  21. I think its without ill-effects as long as its defecated by a domesticated/vet-checked bird. Wild droppings carry the potential for parasites moreso then a disease.
  22. Salticids are very smart animals, I actually have a few stories I could share about consistent interpretations of communication with a few. Giving a dance with my fingers has been returned with arm movements on multiple occasions, and I would gladly defend the intelligence of these jumpers to anyone who disputes it. Peter once sent me an article that I found extremely rewarding in regards to the intelligent nature of salticids. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10442051 I would like that article as well, thank you.
  23. http://www.livescience.com/8203-ancient-cockroach-relative-revealed-3.html It doesn't mention wings, but who knows. Any sources to cockroach ancestry would be a nice share.
  24. http://www.projectno...ttings/16216053 I don't think this was identified correctly. Edit: Maybe I'm wrong. No worries...
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