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  1. Blaberus craniifer looking like Keith's Midnight, but not as dark!
  2. Yes, I often post the pictures on several places
  3. Hi! so, fistly, some news of my female cf. Gromphadorhina portentosa "tricolor". I've isolated her with a nice male, looking a bit like her... I'll wait one year, if there is no reproduction because of this isolaion, then, I'll put them back in the colony. I've spotted an other nice individual in this colony, a big male (largest thorax and abdomen of the colony!) with small horns and no stripes! Here, a picture side to side with another big male: Now, not as impressive as johns' one, but a really nice Aeluropoda insignis male that happened in my colony. He's way more red than all the other roaches in the colony, and bigger than any other males I've ever had! bye!
  4. Hi! Here are some pics of my Panchlora nivea: female: male: young: bye!
  5. Hi When I've checked my Diploptera punctata tank, I've noticed some babies with red/orange heads. Is it normal, or are there young Oxyhaloa in my tank? thanks!
  6. http://www.roachforum.com/index.php?showtopic=4553 make me think about one of my groups, check out the two last pictures on that topic
  7. hi! Neostylopyga rhombifolia young: male: female: bye!
  8. Well Kaith, I'm pretty sure it's a subadult when I compare her with my other females. I've seen this coloration a few times last year, but it always turned normal when they reach adulthood :/ Peter, that's a nice one, gynandromorph or something?
  9. not that unique, she will probably get more "normal" when she gets adult, but I just love the black marking on this one... (Gromphadorhini cf. Gromphadorhina portentosa "tricolor"):
  10. light coloured male Blaberus giganteus. He's still really light months after he shed!
  11. Gromphadorhina sp. young: female: male: bye!
  12. yep Keith your right, I nearly never can show the real colours of my roaches :/
  13. hi! Gromphadorhina oblongonata: young: female: male: bye!
  14. I don't use vaseline in any tanks but I think I'll probably start using it or teflon paint in some of them. At the moment, they are kept in a fauna box, dry pieces of dead leaves at the bottom and egg crates to hide. I put a towel between the top and the tank, so that there are no escape. The babies are kept with the adults
  15. yep, not a single escape yet, but when I open the tank they I must be really attentive because they are quick and they climb all surfaces!
  16. hi! Eurycotis sp. Venezuela young: female: male: bye!
  17. all polyphagids take a long time, but I think this one is the quickest to grow up
  18. Hi! There are two forms in captivity here, but I don't know if it's due to selective breeding or if they are from different locals! :/
  19. hi Eurycotis opaca II: young: male: female: bye!
  20. Therea olegrandjeani is probably the easiest to breed in my view
  21. the diferences are actually more complicated, that"s small details because marquing can be different within the same species :/
  22. escape in the wild and often sold as pure line... You get hybrids, you sell hybrids, and one moment or another, there is that stupid guy who sell your hybrids as pure line and they get mixed to pure lineage... and the whole stock is hybrided
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