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  1. Hi! Therea olegrandjeani young: male: female (with an ootheca): bye!
  2. Hi! Schelfordella lateralis, the "red runner": youngs: females and youngs: males and youngs: bye!
  3. hi Rhyparobia sp. Gold male: female: youngs: bye!
  4. hi Rhyparobia maderae young: female: male: bye!
  5. Hi! Pycnoscelus surinamensis: young: female: bye!
  6. "rabbit roach", haha! He's very impressive, that's a really nice roach!
  7. noticed today: Diploptera punctata, female still white, wings not expanded at all, body still full of air, it was possible to see trough her!
  8. hi! Phoetalia pallida male: female: adults a juvie: bye!
  9. hi Oxyhaloa deusta female: male youngs: bye!
  10. hi Opisthoplatia orientalis: young: sub-adult: female: pair: male: bye!
  11. Have you ever noticed that the females ruled the colony by eating loads of male and just keeping a few of them?
  12. Well, I use to don't name my pets, but there is a roach I just give a name for fun... I use to introduce him to my friends as "Grand Didier", wich means "Tall Didier" in english (Didier is a common first name here). For sure, "Grand Didier" is the alpha male in my Gromphadorhina cf. grandidieri "black" colony...
  13. hi! Nauphoeta cinerea! young: male: female: bye!
  14. notice it's not the same atropos (check the name and the date)
  15. officialy, Blabera fusca and Blaberus atropos are synonyms, just check this link out: http://blattodea.speciesfile.org/Common/basic/Taxa.aspx?TaxonNameID=1174154
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