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  1. I've been feeding organic lettuce and carrots, and other veggies for a while and it's starting to cost a lot. is it ok to start feeding nonorganic if i wash thoroughly?
  2. Awesome! will keep you updated! thank you for all the advice!
  3. So i just got back from a trip and i realize that i've seen some blatta lateralis roaches running around on the floor in my room. (i breed those along with 14 other species of roach.) Anyways, they're all nymphs so i think they snuck out of one of my lids, perhaps, but i do see a couple larger ones, and I'm not too worried about infestation, because my room is very neat and clean so i could find them if they colonized. but what steps should i take, that are most effective, and not harmful to my other roaches, in your opinion? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
  4. I breed large amounts of roaches and sell them, i was wondering, i found a huge black tub. Is COMPLETE darkness? or do they need a kind of cyclical habitat?
  5. Ok awesome thank you! any idea of what in particular to look for? honestly, I'm pretty new at this, but i thought this could helpful and a fun experience. Has anyone here done this before?
  6. I work at an exotic pet store, and I'm in charge of the "bug" department. I've noticed that many of the dubias have been dying when I'm not in working, and I'm wondering what's caused it. they are well fed, and i have tried to do what i can in the limited time that i work there. I have dubias at home and i breed them and have had only a few casualties. i was wondering if i could bring home some dead dubias from work, open them up and put them under my (very good lab) microscope. i was wondering if there is anything i can learn from doing this. if you have any advice at all, i'd love to hear it. Thank you so much!
  7. Yea, im so excited!! thank you. do you have any tips for taking care of them? Cage size, food, substrate, etc. I mean i have an idea of what I'm gonna do, but any reinforcement would really help
  8. That really helps, thank you!! and what kind of wood should i look for. I'm getting rotten wood for my zebra roaches to eat. What exactly should i look for? what would work?
  9. Awesome thank you! I've done many things to clean my outside furniture from bacteria and parasites, but what do you recommend—bleach, boiling water, sunlight?
  10. Awesome! thank you so much! I live in the city, where should i get dead bark?
  11. I'm very excited! I'm getting a bunch of new roaches in the mail. Of coarse i have experience with roaches and i think i can handle them, but I'm wondering, for anyone who has experience with these species, do you have any tips? For feeding? Substrate? Breeding? (which i intend to do for all.) Or even which ones make good feeder Roahces and which ones don't. Anything at all that could help me care for them, would be much appreciated Here are the species and number of each: Blaberus giganteus (Giant Cave Roach): 20 Pycnoscelus surinamensis (Surinam Roach): 20 Eurycotis decipiens (Zebra Roach): 5-10 Blaberidae sp. "Kenya" (Little Kenyan Roach): 100 Blaberus discoidalis (Discoid Roach): 50 Blattidae sp. "African Bullet" (African Bullet Roach): 20 Lucihormetica verrucosa (Warty Glowspot Roach): 10 Gromphadorhina grandidieri "Black" (Black Tiger Hisser): 10
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