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  1. Ok thanks. I kinda feel like they would disturb all the young roaches maybe even try eating the newborns. Anyone heard of this happening? If i decide to get rid of them, whats the best way? They are so small i tried hand sorting but any eggs would be microscopic and they must of been on the roaches.
  2. and i did get them from about 4 different suppliers into this one large colony.
  3. They look like redish/brownish, elongated, super small, mealworm beetles. Are they actually beneficial?
  4. So i have a dubia colony that i have been trying to get started over the past couple months. I was having trouble with humidity out here in Arizona so i put a larger and more open water source. It helped, but it also seems to of helped out some sort of beetle population. The best guess i could come up was they are just flour beetles. So, i've already tried to clean off the adults as best i could and moved them to a new tub. There must of been a couple hitch hikers because they are all over the new container as well. So i was wondering, are they beneficial at all? If not how can i get rid of them?
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