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  1. happy birthday!

  2. female Catara rugosicollis Catara minor Mature male Catara rugosicollis
  3. These are avaiable from: http://www.schaben-spinnen.de/Content/shop.php?cat=11&start=45
  4. I am going to buy some Elliptorhina laevigata, when I will have a colony of them I will try to mate them with an Elliptorhina javanica. The project will start in January. This is a Elliptorhina laevigata:
  5. It´s possible that temperature has an influence over humidity. Maybe it was that the case. They gave birth like 3 weeks after buying it. The seeler was ZOO CENTRE at ebay.co.uk. He is an english seller so you can asking him in english. It´s possible that the mother roach was almost giving birth and when I putted in my vivarium it gave birth because it was time for it. So maybe the best conditions were from the buyer and not mine...it´s just a teory. http://www.zoocentre.co.uk/ https://www.facebook...302318939867173 http://stores.ebay.c...fsub=2415574013 Either you contact him by ebay or by e-mail info@zoocentre.co.uk
  6. Right now I have 4 species of nymph hissers separeted from adults and I have no deaths...when they were with adults there were always some dead nymphs. I think that "gut bacteria theory" is just a theory. Maybe in some species is true...but not for all of them.
  7. I had a transparent 80 L plastic tank full of egg crates, the humidity was between 50 % to 60 %, it seems that above 60% there were more deaths. Temperature is 20 ºC. The food was apple, carrots and cat biscuits. I only had like 10 nymphs with 18 adults, there were like 6 females and the rest males. I say "...I had..." because I stopped to use egg crates because I prefered to see them when I wanted and they were always hidden. Without egg crates they stopped reproducing.
  8. I have seen a female Javanica always in the food zone...sometime ago I have seen a hisser female doing the same. The female Javanica has found dead over the food...I guess that each time a roach passes all the day on the food zone without eating it might be a sign that it´s sick. The female Javanica seemed pregnant.
  9. I have put nymphs on a separated box (a small tight one, I can´t find tight big ones). Every time I find a nymph that escapes from the adult box I put it in the small tigh one. Until now no one has died ! Normally with adults there would always be like 2 deaths in a group of 10. I think this doesn´t support the idea that nymphs to survive need to eat the adult´s poop to get gut bacteria to survive (as said by a member). It is possible that maybe in the future one or other will die due to trauma while picking them up to clean the small box. They are doing great.
  10. I have started the known post "Internet pics of beautiful Roaches". This post has grown with the contributions of members (members indicating new flickR photos). I would like it to be pinned since it would be a shame to see it lost between all other topics. I think it is one of the few topics about gathering several images from a lot of beautiful and exotic roaches. I have seen more exotic images and I would like to put it on the topic, this means that is a topic that will always have a future in the forum. It will be the best "welcome card" to any new member.
  11. You can use a tupperware as a temporary tank, you just need to make micro perfurations on the tupperware cover. The cover is air tight so no problem. It works for me.
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