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  1. I imagine the acetate, or any real added fruit, will be a fruit fly magnet, so change it out frequently. This, though, will only prevent them from sucessfully colonizing the agar with larvae. They will still be attracted and may just lay elsewhere.
  2. Spiny bushes as in pine/evergreen type or acacia, shrubs ?
  3. Ok so the photo is about 800mb after cropping it down. How do I compress it further so that I can attach it ? FYI I am using a Galaxy 8.
  4. Can anyone ID this? I found it caught behind a wall light switch cover. It freaked me out to hear scraping noises that seemed to be in the walls, as I was reading a book on my couch on the wee hours, not understanding where the sound was coming from as everytime I went near, it stopped, but perserverance paid off and soon I saw a pair of antenna stickong out. I dont know how it got there and couldnt get out and am really hoping its an eacaped nymph of one of my colonies and not a sign of an American roach infestation. For reference, I am near Chicago.
  5. My yard has been pesticide and fertilizer free since purchasing the house 3 years ago however I do know that my neighbors are avid users of pesticides and weedkiller. Am I taking too big a risk collecting leaf litter from my own yard for use in my inverts' enclosures?
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