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  1. I am curious when did the isopod hobby start. For some reason I thought it really began and took off over the past 5 yrs. What were some of the orginal morphs? I assume it all started in the UK?
  2. Wow , this line goes way back to 1997? I had no idea the isopod hobby goes that far back..
  3. Aussie Rhino Roaches - nice big heavy roaches with a nice colors. Wide Horn Hissers - absolute huge hisser with great hissing attitude. Pepper Roaches and Giant Caves - both are a tie ...both these species will always hold a special place in my heart. They are just an absolute blast to have as pets.
  4. My roaches forget me every time unless I have food.
  5. I'm sure wild population commit incest. When you crack open a log in Madagascar and there's 10,000 hissers, probably most of them are related?
  6. Tesselata is my favorite of ALL pet roaches, they are cool , charming , and alot of fun. For some reason, they've always kept their $ value so you can always breed them and sell some to help support your roach addiction. Javanica are def. one of the prettiest of hissers, stay small and produce alot of nymphs! Gyna species in general for me have always been touchy and alittle iffy, maybe it's just not my luck with these. They are pretty though!
  7. I use lights on my Wide Horn Hissers tank for about a year now for display only, there always seems to be a dominate trio that is out and about even if the lights are on. Everyone else, nymphs included are hiding. I'm sure this makes the breeding slower but I don't really mind.
  8. I think these are the ones they call Mickey Mouse Roach , hehehe .. I've always wanted this species, they look like alot of fun.
  9. I think its probably the Wide Horn Hissers are the longest and heaviest of all the hisser species, although I've seen and had quiet a few common hissers (portentosa) females push nearly the size of the wide horns. I'd love to get my hands on some vanwaerebeki, but seems there's not any for sale in the years I've been searching.
  10. Careful, you'll ending liking the feeders more than the one feedees.
  11. I feed my roaches and isopods almost exclusively dead leaves of various species and rotten wood... rare occasion I'll offer fruits and veggies.
  12. My condolence to the family.. Do you have a website or your products and pet roaches? I would love to make a purchase in honor of him.
  13. Sorry to resurrect this old thread ... but I was curious if any new imports have came into the USA since 2015. I myself just got a group of them, they are def. interesting , cherry red and flat as a pancake.
  14. I always get hissers for feeders but when it always came down to it, I couldn't bring myself to feed them out! haha .... they are just too cool I guess!
  15. They were used in the first Men In Black movie. I literally just started searching about trying to find somewhere to buy some again after watching the movie today and came across your post. Yah that movie so old .. those hissers might be " pure " hahahaha !!!
  16. So I bought some 6.6 gallon Gasket Containers for some hissing roaches .... I was curious to see pictures of your containers to see how you have ventilation holes. I thought about drilling holes but don't know what size drill bit to use to keep the nymphs in and from escaping.... looking for to opinions and pictures .. thank you !
  17. I second this !!! My colony going on four years now, are on just plain ole coconut fiber and buncha leaves. Nothing fancy
  18. Yes I would love to grab some of these as well !!!! Let us know if you're willing to part ... looks like you have lots of nymphs you could share out in this world heeheehe.
  19. Yes congrats !!! I am curious who sold them to ya ... they are low maintence or I'm just lazy ... I just feed them oak/maple leaves and rotten logs like I go with all my other roaches , Dubia roaches included !!! ... keep em at room temp and spray them down once a week.... my 2.5 should be breeding next year .. its been a long 4 yrs wait !!! hahahaha ...
  20. I love keeping these and I have yet to still figure out why! hahaha ....
  21. The title of this thread would make a great movie.
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