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  1. Don't hold out brother ... lets go roach wrangling !!!!!!! I gotta have some of these ..
  2. I concur all the Maps are awesome animals. I used to keep all kinds of Asian and south American turtles when I lived in California. Man, they are ALOT of work , hahaha.. Now I'm abit older in age, I enjoy the low maintence herps and arachnids !!!
  3. It's always expected for the hobbyist to have better results with healthier animals as oppose to wholesale companies... Keep doing what you're doing, the offsprings look great!
  4. All my Blaberus species ( about 8 different species ) thrived in my garage here in texas where it got up to 90.... they bred , babies grew fast , and everyone ate like no tomorrow. The only down side of keeping Blaberus so warm is, they were always thirsty. I was misting them down in my tubs every other night. Blaberus are a lot of fun, I really do miss all mine!
  5. I'm going to cheat a bit and use a few medium size pieces of cardboards from boxes ... I soaked them for a few min to get them nice and water logged .... I'm going to go to some sites, space them out sporadically , and slightly bury them with some leaf litter around the pieces... and check back on my sites in four days. Not sure if this will work..... LOL ...
  6. I went ahead and use the standard size sweater boxes for all the rehousing... I use a lot of leaves so the substrate isn't too heavy.... thanks for your response it help made my decisions!
  7. My suggestion is a piece of cardboard from a box .... all my springtails cling onto it and you just flick them into your terrarium
  8. lol ... mine climb plastic ( even though many claim they don't ) .. they jump ... and will reproduce in the shipping box while in transit .. I just hate red runners all together , lolol !!!!
  9. Hello , I will be rehousing all my isopods and springtails from shoe box to a sweater box very soon. There are two sizes of sweater box , one size is deeper than the other. My question is, will isopods and springtail use the dept as well as the surface area ?
  10. I go hiking and photographing herps just about every weekend. It's been raining and humid here this last month and looks like a wet month this month as well.... I've flip rocks and logs off the trails and I find no isopods. Obviously I'm doing it wrong? I would love some tips on how to collect local isopods and even springtails ? Thanks !!!!
  11. Oh thanks guys! i'll keep ya'll updated.... cheers
  12. wow , you just sorta jumped in head first!!!! lol ..... congrats on the species you have now , you got some cool ones.... welcome to the forum...
  13. I broke down and bought 5 adults... I've had them about two months .. set them up in a shoe box with same substrate as my roaches ... with rotting wood and dead leaves .. I did drill holes on the sides of the shoe box for extra ventilation... I do spray in there once a week .. so far so good .... not sure what the babies look like but I looked yesterday to see if any are still alive and they are... in fact I see VERY tiny isopods as well, perhaps babies ? again I'm not sure what they look like as babies ....
  14. I've been keeping my colony for about a year and half and they are all growing. I would like to vary their diet alittle more. What are you feeding your burrowing cockroaches ?
  15. I was really considering getting a few cultures of Zebra isopods but I have been shying away from them since a few folks local that I know that keep them say they are just surviving and not thriving , much less reproducing. I've read they need plenty of air circulation.... any other tips and pointers? Thanks in advance.
  16. Well .... I've officially joined the Isopods Mafia ....I keep the following: Giant Orange Costa Rican Dwarf Purples Dwarf Whites Multi strip dwarfs Temperate Springtails ( not sure what temperate means ) Giant Springtails ( these are really huge ) Sorry I don't know latin names. I've ordered two Isopod books on ebay which should give me a good knowledge. These isopods seem to be as addicting as roaches.
  17. what's the latin name for a Paint Roach ?
  18. Why can't you ship mice? Bioteks/ pharmaceuticals ship rodents everyday. But I don't think it's USPS ... maybe DHL ? UPS ? FED EX ? You can ship just about anything ... as long as it's according to protocol ?
  19. Okay I think I'll avoid feeding it to the Rhinos and give it to my discoides and Dubia colonies instead , lol
  20. What are your views on offering rotting wood for Rhino Roaches ? Do I need to do anything before I offer it ?
  21. Bamboo


    Doc , I might have to take you up on those lesser meal worms
  22. Bamboo


    Not sure if this is a health issue thread or not so I apologize in advance. In the warmer months, I'll feed my roaches some dog food.... Last year I feed them a cheaper / none organic brand and one or two containers contracted mites maybe grain mites or ? are the mites a threat or just a nuisance? how do you get rid off them?
  23. I've thought about getting some of these... do you still have these? if so, how big is your colony now? Would love to see pictures and vidoes
  24. I would honestly do away with critter cages .... go with a 5-10 gallon with a locking screen lid. If you want air tight screen lid, just tape some clear plastic bags to the lid ... You can get the bags from your local fish store
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