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  1. What are some hardwood leaves ? TY
  2. Do Rhino Roaches eat other leaves other than Eucalyptus ? Do they eat anything else other than leaves, ie. veggies/fruits , dried dog/cat food ? If all they eat is Eucalyptus then I'll have to order them online by the lbs... LOL
  3. May I ask what you will use them for ? I had put some roly poly in my roach bins thinking they would eat poop and roach shed skins .... but all they eat is egg crates and multiply faster than guppies .. for me, they are kindof pointless...
  4. I just reread my post , LOL ..sorry for the confusion ... I meant to type ... I switched from an organic dog/cat food to a very cheap non organic food.... Anyways ........... I cleaned out and sterilized all the containers as well as did a good sweeping in the garage in which the roaches are kept.. The mites haven't appeared .. hopefully I killed their eggs and there wont be a mite cycle .....
  5. I've been seeing these for sale on various roach retail websites ... good to see these are thriving in the hobby!!!!
  6. thanks for the reply ... what temps do you keep them at in the summer and / or winter ? my garage in the summer can reach up to 95F and my house stays about 74F in the winter.
  7. Anyone have pictures of Domino Roaches eggs or are they live bearers?
  8. Here in texas , my discoides seem to breed like crazy later sping into early fall because the temps are always in the 90s-100F in the garage.. I also spray them down every other night .. come later fall to early spring, they do nothing but eat and sit there.
  9. Yup this is deffo the 2nd worse thing to ever happen !!!!! But luckly you're not in Hawaii and I do believe Cali winters are still abit cold for lobsters , if anything else , possibly too dry.... had the Lats escaped, you might as well put the house up on the market !!
  10. Just received 36 adult Domino Roaches and would like to display these somewhat hard to find roaches .. anyone have experience with these? and I'd love to see enclosure pictures to get an idea .... I'm thinking a 10 gallon with leaves , rotting wood and maybe a pothos ivy ....
  11. I switched to a non organic dog food / cat food ( high veggie based ) to a very cheap Nonorganic and a month later I've got these micro tiny white mites all over the containers .. they don't seem to bother the roaches or stress them ... it is just a nuisance and annoying .... anyone experience with this ? I threw out ALL the food and washed all the food bowls and container that I store the foods in.... I will be switching back to organic!! Any thoughts and help ......
  12. use organic substrate , get some pillbugs, springtails , and isopods and you'll never have to clean the bins .... no joke, im going on 2 yrs and still looks great !!!
  13. I agree with Forcep ... dead leaves and rotting wood is really a BIG THING !!!! If I forget to feed my roaches lettuce , oranges or apples one week.... they always have about 3 inch layer of dead leaves and a handful of medium/small size rotting wood.... as much protein hissers and giant cave roaches like .... they seem to really eat a lot of the leaves and wood.... just a thought....
  14. Is it legal to ship Discoides Roaches to Florida ? I was pretty sure it was illegal but others are swearing up and down it's legal and I can't find anywhere it says it's legal. Any ideas and proof ? Thanks !!!!!
  15. these are my top favorite all time roach !!!! more so than giant caves ...
  16. Corn based dog food............ hmmmmmmmmm , so I guess my question is ......... am I wasting my money on the expensive organic dried cat/dog food mix or is Walmart Alpo $10 for 50lbs just as good ?
  17. Just to let you know , these guys froze solid at 35F and below and yet came back to life when temps rose back up in the 50s F ....
  18. For my Discoides , I use dead leaves , rotting wood , compost .
  19. My lats are pretty darn fast ! They jump and do back flips when you try to catch them... I should had never ordered 2000 !!!! I'm going to give my colony away and get lobster roaches .... I've been paranoid since I got them that they might escape and establish , at least the lobsters wont become pesty. Good Luck with your Lats !
  20. Define " advance care " ? Roach husbandry is pretty straight forward ...
  21. I'm actually going to post an ad on here .... I'll be thinning out my colony.... Contact me if you are interested.
  22. most of my wood roaches like it in the 70s -80s and humid / damp .... give them lots of dead leaves , compost, and rotting wood ... I basically kindof forget about them , they just do their own thang ,,,,,
  23. I've tried to google / bing information on how B. discoidales and A. tesselata live about their days in the field/wild .... What temps do these two species like best ? Are B. discoidales found in caves ? Do A. tesselata live on the forest floor with rotting wood and vegetation ? Do any of these two species like more protein in their diet ? What country and particular area ? What animals predation on these roaches ? and any other interesting information about either of these two species ........... thanks !
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