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  1. I've had my colony of giant cave roaches for about two years now. I've had them out in my garage last summer and this summer. For some reason I did not loose too many last summer. This summer I've lost a lot of adults , esp freshly molted ones. I'm wondering if it's due to too much heat. Outdoors it got up to about 104 F degrees , which Is probably about 95 F degrees in the garage. Perhaps this is too hot ? Do these or perhaps all Blaberus species , ie. pepper roaches , discoides , giant caves ... prefer lower temps ( 80 - 90 F ) ?

  2. I've now read several cases of cannibalism in various Blaberus species. I would like to know what causes this as well. Fort. I've never experience this with any of my Blaberus species. My Blaberus diet contains a fair amount of rotting wood pieces , a lot of eco earth / sphagnum moss and dead leaves mix , 3 or so inch of substrate , spring mix / romaine lettuce leaves , various fruits / veggies , organic dog / cat food , fish flakes .... and I do mist in their containers about three times a week. I've never experience cannibalism.... this setup and husbandry practice goes with my Pepper Roaches as well.

  3. Hissers of all species are GREAT ! They are strange , most days the adults and nymphs are all buried in substrates and rotting wood but certain evenings and nights , there might be 100s of babies up at the top of the containers while the adults are still chillin under their substrate. I don't know if these are brand new babies or mixed ages nymphs ... Anyways , sorry to blab about nothing , LOL ... Sorry for hear your loss. I had no idea hissers only lived 3 or 4 yrs , I thought maybe they might lived longer. :(

  4. im keeping around 12 species of roaches .... including three species of hissers , im surprise how much rotting wood and dead leaves actually make up a part of their diet , im been observing them every couple of nights , they seem to eat the rotting wood and dried leaves as much as any carrots , leafy greens,etc. Your post is very interesting and def. something to think about, hippiehisser .

  5. misting system is an great investment but I personaly mist mine down two to four times a week by hand but I like to see my roaches on a regular basis .... If I used misting system , I most likely wouldn't check on my roaches nearly as often ..

  6. I know this is a very old thread , sorry ..................... after keeping over 10 species of roaches ..... every single one of them benefit from soft rotting wood and damp decaying leaves , I personally swear by those two choices ..... the rest ( such as fruits , veggies , greens , bug burger ) are options to choose from in addition . :)

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