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  1. I've have these pepper roach colony up and going for a few months now. I set their 55 gallon container setup exactly like the Giant Cave Roaches , ie a lot of verticles cork bark and an inch of substrate. I've noticed, unlike the Giant Cave Roaches, the Pepper Roaches to not use these verticle corkbark but almost all of them are found on or under the substrate. Ive now rearranged the Pepper Roach container to where there's two large verticle cork bark and I added more rotten leaves and alittle more substrate. Has anyone ever found these in the field? If so, are these always found terrestrial in the leaf litter? are they eating rotten fruits and fungi ? I've noticed my Pepper roach colony also isn't as fond of oranges , dog/cat food , fish flakes , spirulina flakes as much as my other roach colonies are.... Perhaps they don't have as large as an appetite ? I noticed my discoides roaches eat a lot but my giant caves do not have a large appetite. Any pointers on anyone keeping these sexy fun roaches , PLS chime in !!! Esp with husbandry and diet .... thank you !!!!
  2. Oops , as far as " feeder roaches " although you COULD use any of those roaches species as feeders but I believe B. discoidalis is the most common feeder on that list you have. Even with 100+ discoidalis , I can't bring myself to feeding them off to my herps and arachnids !!! I end up using Turkistans and Dubia ... I do see that Blaberidae sp Kenya as a feeder but since it quickly burrows, perhaps it makes a good feeder for specialized burrowing predators ? ie. Sand Skinks , legless lizards , sand burrowing spider species , centipedes , etc ?
  3. Good luck on the big purchase , those are all fascinating roaches ! I currently keep a few that you mentioned, I'll throw my two cents in.... Blaberus giganteus are by far my favorite species !! They are big , impressive display animals and very charming. They LOVE rotting wood ( keep it moist ) ... The bigger your colony of B. giganteus the more impressive it becomes!!!! Pycnoscelus surinamensis I have in my yard and flower bed , I've collected quiet a few , they stay hidden almost always, not sure if they are enjoying rotten wood and leaves but they have it in their cages , easy species , I have no mortalities. Blaberidae sp Kenya ? These are my second favorite roach , they are cute , they are tiny and they just make you smile every time you see them... Another shy species, mostly burrowing and staying under rotten wood and mulch.. Blaberus discoidalis , beautiful roach , it's the " mini me " of B. giganteus , pretty much the same temps , food and husbandry. Very charming but somewhat shy, I'm just a BIG HUGE fan of Blaberus species !!! Blattidae sp African Bullet ? An attractive and hardy species but babies are very small and climb with great speed so don't take your eyes off your containers with these !!! I actually use papertowel over the micro screen on the lids of these guys. Don't under estimate their sneakiness! All my roaches eat pond sticks , dried cat and dog food , fish flakes , spirulina flakes , any left over greens and lettuce I have , fruits and veggies , and Bug Burger... Unfort. these guys eat a lot healthier than I do ... You might also wanna check out Red Goblin Roaches .... they are ALOT of fun !!!! They are a beautiful red , don't hide , very fast and energetic , they are always doing roachy things .....
  4. I was curious how do people feed off red runners to their pets, (ie. tarantulas , reptiles , amphibians) in the aquarium? I'm not sure if they can climb glass but I know they can climb the rubber sealing along the inside corners of an aquarium. Thanks for your help!
  5. I just use sterilite containers with locking lids .... I use papertowels and packing tape to seal up any holes and at the lip of the containers to make the lid fit on alittle extra tighter for those tiny crawlers such as hissing roach nymphs... The clear sterilite containers are somewhat thin plastic and very smooth so it's very easy to cut out a circle at the top and use Gorilla glue to secure window screen mesh for your holes on the lid. So far it's all worked for me !
  6. If you've got enough " ivory " to use as feeders ..... I'll buy 20-40 from you!!!! I really want them !! As far as Eublaberus as feeders, I've got 4 species and they all seem to be about the same as nymphs/ subadults.. Semi hard shell and burrowers... I'm trying to use them as feeders but I just like Eublaberus so much I keep seeing them as " pet " roaches !!
  7. I have officially added substrate to all my roach bins , so now all my roach species have substrate to play and eat and do their roachy thing in. I had a large colony of darkin (spelling?) beetles from previous cricket orders , I have rotten soft wood in every roach bin whether they eat it or not I have no idea so I'm hoping to get some springtails off of the wood pieces , I've also been collecting pillbugs aka Roly Poly ... I'm hoping those will be enough " clean up crews " ....
  8. I'm getting hooked on hisser species rather quickly having dwarfs and Halloweens ..... I'm seriously thinking of adding some grandidieri "Black" sooner than later ... are these slightly more arboreal than other hisser species ? Do these reproduce as slow as other species ? I'm just curious what a container full of grandidieri "Black" would look like.. I'm sure impressive.
  9. ...... you are at a restaurant with your girlfriend, while waiting for your dinner, she catches you researching and looking at roach pictures on her iPad and says, " Ummm looking at roach pictures here probably not the best place. "
  10. Do you have pictures ? Do you keep these like you do with other hissers ? high humidity and warm ......
  11. These are very sexy photos ... what camera are ya'll using ? lense ? Again , great GREAT photos !
  12. Not sure if this is the correct forum , I apologize in advance if it's not. I've got some Alphitobius diaperinus beetles that have been in a tub with Dubia roaches for over a year now so there's a lot of them... The dubia roaches have no substrate in their bins. I would like to take a small group of Alphitobius diaperinus beetles and put them in a few roaches that have substrate. The substrate is a mix of Eco Earth , rotten woods , dried leaves , and organic compost which most likely contain European nightcrawlers. My question is this: Will Alphitobius diaperinus beetles thrive and breed in substrate ? Thanks !
  13. How do you keep your roaches from eating your live plants ? what species of plants do you have in there ? I would love some tips and direction to keeping roaches with live plants ... I've never done it because I was always afraid ....
  14. Yeah , that's who I'm getting them from. He's briefly told me alittle bit but I was just curious if any other roach wranglers out there keep these and maybe have their own way of husbandry and experiences . Thanks !
  15. I feed crushed egg shells and coffee grinds to my European nightcrawlers every couple of weeks ...... so are eggshells and coffee grinds safe for roaches ?
  16. Blaberidae sp. "Kenya" (Little Kenyan Roach) include as " Micro " ? I bought a colony from Kyle which are doing great !! I haven't really done anything special ... so far they are thriving. These are probably one of my favorite roaches in my collection. I'm still very new at the roach hobby so forgive me if " Kenya " doesn't include as " micro blatta " ..... thanks
  17. Anyone keep Red Goblin Roach ? They look kindof like a Red Runner/Turkistan Roach ... not sure if they are kept similar ? I can't seem to find very many pictures and no videos on them . Thanks
  18. is that packing tape barrier on the roach bin ? I swore hissers can climb all over it , perhaps I'm wrong .... I've been thinking about starting a hisser species collection myself.
  19. are these pretty much all over the globe ? I have them in my front yard and garden ... they come out when I water the plants and lawn. Since I've heard they are parthenogenetic I grab a few and tossed them into a roach bin.
  20. I love this !!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha but the girlfriend immediately said " NO WAY !!! "
  21. I just got 100 of these in recently , wow these are a lot of drama.... these will climb over Vaseline and duct tape , not to mention they really search for every knook , cranny and crack. I would have one or two nymphs escape somehow through the day and I had to keep tweeking and experimenting sealing the container tightly. Even then, I'm hoping there will be no escapees. But these are a nice looking roach never the less. JohananV , how did you keep your duesta in their enclosure ?
  22. I'm toying with the idea of just making ALL my roach bins into substrate with cork bark , dead leaves , etc etc ...... My question is , how do I change out the substrate on roach species that have nymphs that burrow and lets say you have 100's of them in the substrate ... there's gotta be an easier way than to sift out 4 inches of substrate and finding all 5,640 nymphs !!! I would love some reassurance on easier ways to do this ... thanks !
  23. beautiful roaches , I think i'll have to get me some of these !
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