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  1. I just saw this , I will order a base ball style shirt with the logo ....... I need to look legit !!
  2. This is an interesting thread , I have several rose bushes in my back yard .... I need to trim them up so I will dry the leaves and feed them out ...... I'm curious , my lawn consists of very little grass which is Bermuda and a lot of " weeds " ..... when I mow, if I collect the cut grass and dry them out , can these be fed to roaches as well ?
  3. I was thinking about switching to either repti bark or orchid bark from the plant nursery ... Did your roaches nibble on this type of wood ? I was looking at the mulch at lowes and other big box chains but it's cypress and pine so I declined.....
  4. Good to see Roachie Fans in Central Texas , I myself reside in Austin, I was at the San Antonio show today and surprisingly I picked up 36 Peppered Roaches for about $1.89 each. These are about as charming at the Giant Caves !!! I will try your receipt as I attempted " roach jello " last week and none of them touched it.
  5. Do you have pictures of your firefly roach set up ? I'd love to see it. What is your husbandry practice with these guys ?
  6. I pretty much made a big order with RC and my roach collection is about to triple in size , I pretty much just sucked it up and went to Petsmart and bought the really expensive organic dog and cat food that has a lot of fish and veggies in them. I stayed away from the turkey , chicken and beef ... The pet foods are small as they are for puppies and kittens .... I gave up on the whole " roach jello " idea , it gets moldy after 1 1/2 days so it's too much work , I'll use those ice trays for organic oats , wheats and other types of fiber all organic... I'll also be putting rotten wood in every species of roach , whether they eat them or not , it's up to them.... I'll also stick with using fresh fruits , esp citrus every two days ... I don't really want to " control " feed them aka feed them once a week . Much like I do with my dogs , I'll " free " feed them , just throw food in there , let them munch 24/7 and check on them every few days
  7. I'm thinking about getting 200 small nymph lobster roach colony started as I hear these will grow and be reproducing within the 2-3 day shipping. ( J/K ) Can these climb over packing tape bordering the top part of the container ? For those who keep Lobster roaches , how do you contain these crazy bugs ?
  8. I know this thread is old but .............. what is your opinion on high quality ORGANIC dog / cat food ???.... I don't remember the brand but it is organic catfood I bought and sprinkled some in my Orange Heads , Giant Caves , and Red Runners containers ....
  9. I'm curious what are some good clean up crews ? Do " rollie pollie " or woodlice make good clean up crews for burrowing and extremely tropical roaches such as Green Banana Roaches and alike ? I would like to get some ideas on what folks on this forum use
  10. This might be a topic talked about a billion times ... sorry ..... I made up this concoction roach jello made of walmart brand jello ( orange and strawberry flavor ) with yellow squash , carrots , broccoli, and banana ... I tried feeding them to Giant Caves , Orange heads and Red Runnes ...... none of them touched it .... when I put a slice of orange on it , within minutes everyone was on it ! I guess my question is .. What is the perfect or at least better concoction / ingredients to making the best tasting jello that roaches will gobble down like fried chicken.
  11. These are not farmed very much WC , which is why CITES will be banning them after their meeting this year.
  12. Today my Red Runners/Turkistan Roaches and Orangehead roaches arrived. All over them are great healthy animals. The Orangeheads will not climb sterilite containers much like the Giant Caves but the Turkistans will climb up the walls of sterilite containers with ease. I put packing tape border on the inside of each sterilite container , it stops all the climbing roaches in their tracks, the tape is too slick for them. My guess is probably a weekly wipe down to keep the take smooth , clean and slippery. My guess is, if you use Turkistan Roaches as feeders in an aquarium tank , they can not climb glass but can climb the silicone corners in the aquariums. I would probably suggest neatly covering the silicone corners/edges inside the aquariums with packing tape and keeping the tape clean on a weekly basis or as needed. Perhaps this will prevent any escapees . The orangeheads are really an attractive roach, the turkistans---not so much !! But I feel great the turkistans will make an awesome feeder roach. I found some " pet " roaches and a few other " feeder " roaches species on a different website that I will be ordering very soon. Keeping roaches is an unusual hobby and not the most politically correct hobby with the peers..In a weird way you get sucked into it and it's very enjoyable / fun hobby to take on. I'll have to admit, I'm in the closet with my peers when it comes to " having roaches as feeders and pets " ....
  13. Sounds promising !!! is that a brand ? where can I get it ?
  14. no , the sticky part of the tape is taped on the container boarding the inside .. the top side is very smooth and slick .. problem with Vaseline is , within 2 months it melts off ESP in summer heat of over 80F ...I used Vaseline back in the late 90s with hissers and Giant Cave Roaches. it's just a sticky mess to clean up and reapply and im a semi lazy hobbyst so I want to do things very practical and easy.
  15. Hello , I'm new to this forum , just joined a few days ago and finally got approved as membership .. Anyways , I'm getting Red Runners and a few other climbing roaches this coming week. I've got the 50 gallon Sterilite Containers all ready with screen ventilation and lots of egg crates. I've made my " roach jello " food today with lots of veggies and a few fruits. My main question is, " what is the absolute best, most effective barrier to put on the upper portion of each container to prevent any escapes from " climbing " roach species ? I've used packing tape before with crickets , it seemed to work as long as i kept the tape very clean , wiped down each week. Would packing tape work ? Or does anyone else have suggestions ? Thanks for all your help in advance !
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