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  1. This is touching. I never heard of Halloween Hissers. The only hisser I had were Madagascans (3). The girl would hiss every time I touched her. The first boy I had only a day or so. His replacement I could pick up and pet and he never hissed at me. Takana, Naoshi, and Monocco. When I lived with Germans one would crawl up like the back of my leg and it tickled. When I sat in the bathroom, I would watch 2 or 3 of them go around my foot like they were playing hide and go seek with each other. One I kept in a jar for 7 months got used to her home and seemed happy with the food and wate
  2. Yes nutrition could be the answer. Tropical fish flakes are a good thing to feed them. A pet shop boy recommended them for crickets and my Discoid roaches and Germans did well with them also.
  3. Sorry I don't know. The only kind I've kept in recent years are German and there were too many to monitor activity like that. Best of luck with your survivors.
  4. i've seen that Mantisfan and Hisserdude both keep losing members of a particular colony, especially Mantisfan from 280 down to 50.  I don't know if this is the right thing to do for them, but when I have dying bugs that I want to save I try to wash them down with a warm wet cloth.  In case they were sprayed I'm hoping it will get the insecticide off.  I also tried it on a German who I let freeze to death hoping I would warm her up, but not.  I know it sounds lame, but hoping I can be of help.  

  5. Sorry to hear about this friend. Are there any left in the colony?
  6. Hi, I'd be very happy to answer the 6 questions. Yes, I have a tank of German roaches that I rescued from a friend's house. The are pets not feeders. I like their brown color and long wavy antennae as all species have. I've also had Madagascan hissers and Blabberous Disorderous from South America. I'm well-known in my hometown as a roach-lover and have one tattood on my right arm. I heard about the community on one of the many pages on roaches that I visited recently. Right now, I don't have a question, but will have many in the future. Thank you for accepting me and here's to our lit
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