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  1. Ive been gone for ages, think its been about... 3-4 years. I had a big problem with my inverts due to location movement, unstable temps and ant invasions and i just couldnt bounce back from losing all my colonies and pets. But im back and ready to dive on in. Nice to be here again!
  2. Hey Neverlift, was wondering if you still had some Death Heads and halloween hissers available? I have a friend whose been searching high and low for them. 

  3. lol if I could afford them right now and trusted my current set up I would. Right now I have just set up my old GBR with a cleaner crew who will hopefully destroy any mold problems. I have been having too much of it lately.
  4. Alright cool, will have to grab some soon! Thanks so much guys ^^
  5. Thanks! that is great to see all the sizes together like that. I have been trying to decide which to get as a feeder so it's been annoying trying to decide between color or size... would you say (since I know pictures screw up colors so bad) that the speckled strain is relatively green compared to the whites? And don't worry my feeders and etc, are spoiled to the high heavens. They may be fed off in the end but they are all living creatures <3
  6. Do you have a good idea on how large these guys are? Closer to the P. Niv (giants?) or P.Nivea
  7. I view anything with animal protein (fish food, dog food, cat food, etc.) not good for most species of roaches. Most tropical species of roaches are naturally frugovirous (can never spell that right) and should eat plant matter mostly. High amounts of animal protein on a regular basis cause uric acid to build up regularly in their system. They are meant to do that when they eat animal protein, so in the wild they rarely run across it and only eat a little bit at a time. When they are fed it on a regular basis it causes something akin to liver damage and kidney damage from the amount of fat that builds up in the in what would be their liver and the crystals that would build up in what is equal to their kidney. In other words they live shorter lives when on a diet of high protein. I make my own plant based roach chow, and feed fruits/veggies for water. Though most species of my roaches are feeders, I feed all of my roaches a healthy diet because I believe making everything I keep healthy and happy until the end of it's life. And it's not hard to provide a high protein diet with just plant material. I have a complete protein in my roach chow that is just grain based.
  8. lecole4: I do love my BTS a lot, though right now he has mites, we think he came with them since he had the signs early on I just didn't recognize them for what they were at the time. So he's undergoing treatment (has been to the vet and stuff) and is iso'd from everyone else .___. poor guy. He is my little puppy dog in lizard form, he's grown from 64 grams to 95 in a month. He's getting so big <3
  9. I feed a lot, I feed two leopard geckos, one panther cham, 30 hermit crabs, one blue tongue skink and occasionally feed my friends salamander when I am watching him... since he never gets roaches otherwise XD
  10. As in use oak or some other roach friendly type of wood (I always use oak) and then sanitize it by putting it in hot water soaking it for a while, then baking it in the oven at 200-225* F for like 30-40 minutes.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised, they do best at 80-90 degree temps, though this is a very broad range because I can't remember the exact number at the moment. But the thing is with that much body heat from the roaches and decomposing frass and such, it probably was adding heat issues. Do you have screening in the lids or sides?
  12. Andee


    Ok I will add a weekly misting to the fruit intake just in case. Just to be on the safe side. Thanks guys ^^
  13. Andee


    With all my other roaches, I just give them fruits like oranges and they get enough water from it. But with hissers (which I have just gotten three of) I am unsure as a lot of sources say to give them a small water bowl? Do I need to give them extra water, like water crystals or something?
  14. Do you have enough ventilation in their enclosure? THat's what was wrong with mine, and I noticed when it started getting hot that they died rather quickly.
  15. Dubias are doing better with better ventilation now ^^ I have created a screened lid and they seem happier no deaths so far. Thank you so much for the info.
  16. Ok I don't have a screened lid right now, just a rubbermaid container with holes in the lid. Will take the lid off until I can create the screen part for it ^^ thank you
  17. My dubia adults are dying fast enough to worry me but slow enough that it's not a disease I think. I don't see any parasites, and I just cleaned the bin a few days ago. But it's mostly the females who are dying, I've had maybe 5 males out of 20 roaches die. I'm not sure if they've just gotten to the end of their days or what. They are dying about 2 or 3 every week now. I'm wondering if I have enough ventilation.
  18. Well technically I have been feeding a few fresh here and there to my hermit crabs, but it's getting to the point where my flowers are over running the possibility of me being able to keep up with them if I feed fresh. So I'm just feeding some fresh right now to the hermies, and soon to be to the roaches ^^ and then in the winter when everything goes more dormant I will still have flowers to feed when I have nothing to feed fresh at the time. I'm so glad I can feed the roaches flowers though because I am up to my ears in flower petals XD
  19. Alright thanks ^^ I'm hoping that will work we just got the house baited and the ant problem seemed to have calmed down. But it's still here, hopefully with the next time around by next month it'll be gone completely, until then gelled legs it is ^^
  20. Ok so I have numerous amounts of dehydrated rose petals and hibiscus petals that I use for my hermit crabs that are all natural and pesticide free. Well the problem is, is I'm getting so much extra from my happily flowering plants (it's spring and all) and being me I don't like to waste any so I've still been dehydrating them. I was wondering if both plants would be a safe bet to feed to the roaches? The rose is a miniature rose, don't know if that matters but I'll put it out there.
  21. Maybe I should get some then XD it'd be nice to have a back up in case the ants come back after the baiting
  22. Do you think that ants could climb the teflon tape?
  23. Thanks Bamboo ^^ does vaseline on the outside of the container keep ants out?
  24. The only problem I've noticed with the green banana's is that they are born absolutely tiny >.< like itty bitty, so if you have anything set up wrong they can easily get out. Once mine start breeding (only have 4 adults right now and like 95 nymphs) I will be selling them ^^ because I doubt I can keep up with just feeding them off. XD They seem pretty happy right now though I only see them come out at night, which I hear is pretty normal for them. Thanks for the turn on to the book. Will definitely check it out ^^ I've been looking for a book to help me so this will be great ^^
  25. Hi all ^^ this is my first post on this forum and all I can say is I'm heavily addicted to roaches already. Mostly I use them as feeders for my cham but I have started looking into buying a few pet roaches. The problem I am having is that I had a set of plastic drawers I was keeping them in (dubias and green banana roaches) well most of my adult dubias escaped. I managed to find them around my garage as most didn't travel too far from the drawers but I figured it wasn't a safe place to keep my roaches anymore. So I unloaded everyone into rubbermaid containers with holes drilled into the top. But I can't exactly keep them in this in my room forever as they take up a lot of space. And if I put them out in the garage we will have ant problems (as we are infested with them right now >.<). Any suggestions on anything would be great ^^, on how to keep ants out and how to keep roaches in a safe place that saves space.
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