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  1. Hi, this forum is getting more popular in UK. Think there are four or five of us now that i know of (:
  2. SLE18


    great! cant say ive ever had one, being in uk.
  3. If you really want Germans, put a very wide, smooth layer of vaseline at the top, and put the crotch of tights, knotted with legs cut off, over the top of the container then put the lid on. Apparently keeps the dreaded hisser nymphs in.
  4. I don't have experience with this species, but vasaline generally works. If you have doubts, tigh the legs of a pair of ladies' tights together and cut the legs off, keeping the knot. Then stretch the crotch over the enclosure top and put the lid on. Use vasaline in a 2-inch thick line at the top, spread as smoothly as you can(old credit/iTunes cards do it well) so the tights are like a second barrier.
  5. If the mites live on roaches, put them in a bag with flour and shake gently. Think thats right. Someone plz confirm.
  6. i used folded loo roll, wooden rodent cage decor that had been wrecked, and a variety of other small cardboard items i had. not natural but easily sourced and great for hiding lol.
  7. Wow! Not seen that much detail before!
  8. Unfortunately i had to relocate my roaches before i could try it, but tie the legs of ladies tights in a knot then cut the legs off. Stretch the crotch part over then put the lid on.
  9. is that mantis sitting on the roach or fighting it? lol, so cool
  10. i've sone this. the app relies on my schools servers, which are not great.
  11. phone didnt post: thanks. was hoping it would give a clue why a new app is sooo slow, but nope.
  12. why did it do that? another pic added
  13. anyone here no what the 2 symbols next to the charge mean on my ipad? thanks.
  14. ive never had access to grape leaves nut mine ate the fruit and were fine. mine were dubia.
  15. i have oranges in the house already. (;
  16. what foods do they find irresistible? I want to trap an escapee I found. I failed and havent seen him since.
  17. these are one of ghose strange creatures that dont need males to breed arent they? great looking roaches btw. the nymphs remind me of mine, but I can't get pics to compare (long story)
  18. I havent, but would you class that as food or substrate? or both?
  19. that would probably work, but as the ratio would be more eaual, the males might fight more, so it might be an idea to wait for more opinions on that one.
  20. if the 300-500 you're raising are from your colony, then yes. I know a 1:4 male:female ratio is recommended, but think how many of those 4 females could be mating with their dad/brother! I haven't found much on this topic, but I have plenty of experience of what bad breeding can do to other creatures, like my first dog, who was inbred and dangerously untrainable, and my chinchillas' teeth getting too long due to genetics. will attach a pic showing an x-ray similar to how mine would have looked. I don't mean to be nasty here; inbreeding has caused a lot of upset in my life, and is the main reason I got more dubia. https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSC_IHDYEt9bpugS5log4ISNsGI9pn_2Av9KWP1GTRtAiMYpg4VJQ a chinchilla http://chinnitude.com/assets/images/dentalside.jpg and http://www.mypetsdentist.com/sites/site-2442/images/Rodents%20rabbits/b3cb8790-7f00-0001-0432-c36033028ac7.JPG show the condition. You also hear of people and animals with health conditions, incorrect limbs, etc, due to severe inbreeding. The small roach problem I have read can be due to inbreeding, but thats it. Sorry to rant. Luckily roaches don't seem AS affected, but maybe lack of knowledge is why this is such a common problem.
  21. If I remember rightly, inbreeding can cause smaller roaches, so maybe it would be an idea to cull the small ones and buy in some new stock to strengthen the colony. if you do this, a new supplier would deduce the chances of the new ones being related to your current ones. it would be a shame to lose them, but I'm stuck for other ideas.
  22. Is thereany difference in ventillation between where you kept them when they were smaller and their current home? this seems a common issue.
  23. This might give clues ifanything was damaged, but these things areoften sent by post, where I et they get rough handling, and DOAs are rare, so I doubt they had 'internal damage' /: http://insects.about.com/od/morphology/ss/internalanatomy.htm
  24. cities actually generate heat, which is why some wildlife, certain birds in particular, are now mainly found in cities. I don't know of examples of city-dwelling insects though.
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