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    insects, fish (I have a pond and a 180 gallon freshwater planted aquarium), dogs (I have a chow mix) and reptiles (used to keep leopard geckos and milk, rat, corn, and ball python snakes).
  1. I think I've decided on Death's Head. I saw some Zebras at the zoo yesterday. They're very small compared to my Madagascars. The Orange Spot, Glowspot, and Orin's are just as small, so I'm going to go with Death's Head.
  2. Wow 9 months! Congrats on the new babies. Were you able to count how many she had?
  3. The Aelurodopoda Insignis are interesting, but I'd rather Dorylaea orini, Blaberus craniifer, Eublaberus posticus, or Lucihormetica (Hormetica) subcincta. I like your idea about the vertical walls inside the vivarium. I've been trying to research each, but there just isn't much information about whether they bury themselves and hide in the substrate or not. Can anyone tell me their experience with those species? I'd really like to know about the Orin's and Orange Head.
  4. I asked this question in my introduction post, but I figure it'll get more views here. I'd like to keep 2-3 species together in a 12x12x12 Exo Terra cage. I already have Madagascar Hissers. I'm looking into species that 1) Can either fly or climb so that they can get away in case of aggression. 2) Are non-hissers, so that I don't get inbreeding. 3) I'd like to see some babies from each species, but I don't need them to breed often (don't need feeders), I'd just like to see it. 4) Don't hide. Obviously my Madagascars hide sometimes, but usually they're on top of logs, or in cardboard tube
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome! Art, thanks for the good points! Especially about the glowspots. I think I'll take them off my list for now. What's the point if you don't see them? Are Orins the same way? Hope not, they're gorgeous! I appreciate the suggestion to search for "keeping different species together." Something I've been considering is, can the roaches climb glass or fly away if there's an aggression issue. Breeding isn't a top priority now, although I'd love to see some roachy kids. I'm also trying to stay away from other hisser varieties so there won't be any mixed breeding.
  6. Hi there! My name is Carrie. I use the screename Mouse because I'm short and because I use it on other sites too. I've enjoyed beetles and other insects since I was a little girl (more than six legs creeps me out though ). When I was little, I got to hold a Madagascar Hisser at the Cincinnati Zoo. It was amazing. I can't even explain what the experience was like. A few months ago I finally purchased some of my own from Bugs in Cyberspace. They're so much fun! Unfortunately, my nymphs turned into three males and a female. Wow does the alpha male have attitude! He chases the smallest male around
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