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  1. The "southern pennsylvanica" was a term I came up for black form of P. divisa that I erroneously thought that they were different strain of pennsylvanica than the northern ones due to their small size, and the fact that the black female I had never produced viable oothecae when she was housed with several divisa (I think this was due to my poor keeping condition).

    Few days ago, some of the "southern pennsylvanica" nymphs I collected matured into adult males so I checked under their wings to make sure that my ID was correct. When I did that, I realized that these males weren't pennsylvanica, but were divisa so I was able to determine that these "southern pennsylvanica" were actually just a black form of P. divisa.

  2. I'm at home now and can view them fine... I wonder if it is due to the fact that the school where I work has facebook blocked. But that still does not explain why I can only see certain ones when there. Oh well. They are beautiful, by the way! What are they feeding on? roach nymphs?

    It might be that your school's internet isn't stable or something.

    They are feeding on roach nymphs :)

  3. No :-(

    The last post with pictures, I can only see the last one. It seems to be hit-or-miss which ones I can see. Are they all the same format?

    That's strange. They should be all in same format cause they are linked to FB album of mine.

  4. I can remember catching assassin bugs 30 odd years ago - when I was growing up in Ocala, Florida. I would catch them and throw them in the air to see if they would fly. Needless to say, I got nailed sometimes in the process. The feeling was the most memorable "stabbing" pain of all the bugs that nailed me as a kid. It was on the same level of pain as the fuzzy buzzy "cattle killers" but, weirdly different. The species you keep has such amazing color. I love the progressive display toward imago. Nature gives us so many gifts to admire. Thanks for the great pics. It'd be cool to see updates on your progress. Either way, thanks agin for sharing and good luck with them.

    That's an interesting childhood experience. I've been stung by them once and it really wasn't a pleasing experience. lol

    Here's a little progress over the past few weeks :)

    Got 4 nymphs to hatch and more are coming on the way.


  5. I should have thought of that. But, just as hissing roaches are confined to Madagascar, I perceived that most assassins were from Africa. I know that there are other hemipterans in North America, I just did not realize we had this group as well.

    Does anyone know if there are any in the midwest, and if so, was habitats to look for them?

    I would suggest looking up on this page


  6. Are the different colors different instars, different species, or different genders? Or just individual differences? Are you starting a colony?

    Black ones are nymphs, red ones are newly molted (teneral) adults, and the ones with white wings are hardened adults, and yes, I'm trying to establish a captive bred colony of this species from my wild collected specimens :)

  7. They are difficult and sensitive. I had babies I reared up and they took almost five years to mature at room temperature so when someone claims to have a breeding colony it makes me wonder.

    They can be reared at room temperature?!!!

    Man....all the people I've talked to claimed that they needed to be kept cold, but I guess their rearing method was wrong.

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