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  1. Perhaps you can take pic of the pronotum every day to show the gradual difference occurring in your roach?
  2. Seems that hardly anyone has successfully kept this genus for multiple generations. Can somebody tell me some tips on rearing this genus?
  3. Same here! I got mine on June and I've been waiting for mine to mature but only one specimen has matured so far
  4. I've found quite a number of adult female virginicas and have seen 10 or so of males of this species collected under light and brought to Auburn
  5. Can you possibly collect some in the future and sell them so people can get them available in culture and get more info on them?
  6. Those are Parcoblatta virginica nymphs. Whoever IDed got it wrong.
  7. Thank you Try finding some in summer. I'm pretty sure that there will be at least 1 species of native roaches in your area
  8. Thank you I've seen couple of oothecae in the enclosure but I have not seen any new born nymphs yet. Hoping they will hatch real soon
  9. I'm seeing more and more adults in the colony now
  10. Any updates on this really cool species?
  11. LOL Some of the wild fruit fly population managed to come to my house so I now have a fruit fly infestation in my room. Good thing is, these guys are really good for feeding Heteropoda venatoria slings
  12. I have some connections with professors so I can acquire some of the roaches that are bred in laboratories. Unfortunately, there were only about 4~6 varieties of germans in the lab so not all the strains in your link are available
  13. U mean the ones with pink eyes? Wish Auburn had those strain but I don't think they have them
  14. I think I have good chance of getting hypopigmented specimens in the second generation since Pycnoscelus surinamensis are pathogenetic species (that is, if that trait was a heritable trait)
  15. I think they are slow growers. Mine are taking forever to mature. lol
  16. I highly recommend getting some from Kyle. These guys are really pretty
  17. Thank you Ooh...I did not notice that yellow tinge until you mentioned it
  18. Thank you It's probably the prettiest species of roach I have for now
  19. It's been in that color for almost a week since I found him/her so I think it is safe to say that this one is hypo-pigmented His/her siblings are black by the way.
  20. I can't remember exactly how many strains they had but they had something like 2 strains of brown ones and 2 strains of black ones.
  21. I'm thinking of acquiring more varieties of B. germanica strains from Auburn. Who's with me on this idea?
  22. So...when will the winner be announced? It's pretty certain that Keith is the winner by now
  23. Beautiful species from roachcrossing.com
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