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  1. Hope you have lots of larvae doing well in the log and yes, I'm currently working on breeding D. brevis right now. I had some bad results this year so I only have a single L3 larva but I'll be getting more adults soon so hopefully, I'll succeed in breeding them this year. I even got some shitake logs for them.
  2. Sorry to hear that Seems that these guys are really hard to breed unless you provide Quercus alba with white fungi on them. Also, a friend of mine and I had some mysterious die-offs of L3 brevis
  3. Man...those hissers are enormous! Is this a hybrid between G. oblongata and portentosa? Horns look very similar to G. oblongata.
  4. How did I not notice the Dorcus brevis in this pic? lol
  5. Be careful when you are bringing them into the apartment. I had some of mine escape in my house and they seem to be establishing themselves in here. lol
  6. I would go with Island reptiles too! Do you plan on selling these guys? It's one of the 4 species of Parcoblattas that I still haven't got in possession so I would love to get these guys from you. Can you help me with that?
  7. Wish I lived in a house infested in germans...lol
  8. Tell him/her that the roaches are from outside. LOL
  9. They don't really mind about the type of tree as I've seen them in oak, pine, and ash tree. They seem to prefer dry places by the way as I've found tons of them under dry barks of huge ash trees.
  10. I actually have some germans roaming freely in my house so I don't really mind. lol
  11. Some of the variations in my culture.
  12. Tried taking pics of these guys. Failed miserably. lol
  13. They are usually found under barks in eastern US. Kyle and I are probably the only people who have these in culture so you won't be able to get them online.
  14. That is one odd P. lata. Very stunning! All the latas I find in my area are darker in color than the one in the pic. Was this the only specimen u had with this color?
  15. This is, by far, the prettiest species of Parcoblatta I've kept so far. They exhibit variety of variations in color
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