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  1. The artistry and engineering ability of nature is astounding.
  2. LOL! It didn't finish it. The toad helped him with the left overs
  3. Its funny that you describe the p. Surinamensis as reminding you of piranhas I've often thought the same thing. I have a lot of plants in my house and I am extremely cautious when handling and containing this species But, they are definitely my favorite to feed.
  4. There are some Hollywood types who wear living jewel encrusted hissers. I think its a bit odd, but who am I to judge
  5. Yeah, same here, except the molting male appeared to be in his last adult molt, he was actually laying on the food dish and 2 smaller 2nd or 3rd instar nymphs were eating through his back actually I was kind of horrified until I thought of the opportunity to feed the mantis something much larger than what he's used to. That's the first thing we learn when working with these creatures. They will consume almost anything, I've been feeding my Pycnoscelus Surinamensis my used tea bags and they seem to love them.
  6. While caring for my various roach colonies I found an out of luck molted male P. Vanwaerebecki being cannibalized by his brethren. He was damaged very badly so instead of letting him go to waste I decided to test the limits of my mantis. Here are a bunch of pictures the results. http://s1368.photobu.../?sort=3&page=1
  7. Reminded me of that old Saturday Night Live fake advertisement skit for the roach trap that actually caught and tortured the roach.
  8. I hand feed my leopard gecko with a long forceps.
  9. I have had success with a mixture of 1/3 Iams cat food, 1/3 rabbit food and 1/3 leftover stale cereal or dry oatmeal with fruit like banana or oranges from time to time. 10 people will answer and tell you 10 different diets
  10. Wide Horn Hissers (Gromphadorhina oblongonata) on a 3x5 card
  11. I currently have a large Chinese mantis, small American toad and a fire belly toad in my vivarium. My favorite is the mantis they are a blast to feed.
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