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  1. I'm considering experimenting with hairspray and clear nail polish on my pinned insect collection. I'm thinking that the hairspray might help preserve color and protect against dermestid beetles and other pests, and a very thin layer of the clear nail polish might be good to use on shiny beetles and other insects with hard, shiny parts. (Sometimes my shiny pinned beetles can gather a layer of dust that dulls their color.) I'm thinking about trying the hairspray at different stages- I can try it immediately after the insect is pinned, a few days after its been pinned, or once it's completely d
  2. Where do you live? It seems to me that there are good doctors sprinkled around in some places, but for the most part, the whole of the medical community dismisses and denies the existence of Chronic Lyme Disease and doesn't think Lyme is that big of a deal. A friend of mine went in to her primary care doctor yesterday and updated him about her Chronic Lyme diagnosis, and showed him her positive Western Blot and culture tests taken before she started treatment and then again 5 months after. He told her that he "didn't believe in Chronic Lyme," and that all of her "odd psychiatric symptoms and p
  3. My video: https://www.facebook...152&pnref=story My story: http://on-lyme.org/en/blog/item/205-jordan-s-story-lyme-infected-the-wrong-gal
  4. Roach community, you've always proven to be a great group of fun-loving, wicked smart, totally weird, totally awesome people. I've made a lot of great friends in this big league of bug-lovers. And now, I and another community member are asking for your help. I was diagnosed with a terrible, debilitating disease in August that very few people know anything about. Jon Barrett is currently being tested for this disease, and it's looking like he probably has it. His mother and his aunt are affected too. I am asking you, the roach-loving bucket of awesome sauce that you are, to do one little t
  5. Technically, it's illegal to ship any live animals though USPS, including roaches. But mice are more likely to be found and confiscated. It might be easier to ask around with your friends near home. Or, if you decide to ship, get the shipment pre-approved through Fed-Ex.
  6. Would you charge for their adoption? How would you ship them?
  7. Happy birthday!!!!!!! :-)

  8. Welcome! I'm an Animal Science major undergrad (I would be an Entomology major if my school offered it) studying to be an entomologist.
  9. Yes, my tarantula slings have fed on dead roaches and crane flies that I place in their enclosure or wiggle in front of them with tweezers.
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