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  1. Hi guys, Here's my hisser display tank! Am a complete newbie at this! Size: 10.5 gallon wide Substrate: Home-made ABG mix Plants: Golden Pothos and Small Fern (Cannot remember exact type) Background: Ready-made styrofoam Temps range: 25c night - 30c day Humidity: 65min - 85max Cover: DIY Screentop - Aluminium L Angles affixed with hot glue and Fiberglass screen with 12cm pc fan for ventilation Lighting: 15w Exo-Terra Ion Daylight
  2. Whoops, wrong pic, that was an older one before I rearranged the tank after accidentally killing the Hydrocleis and made the screen top.
  3. Hi guys! My name's Jerah Teoh from Penang island, West Malaysia. I'm a complete newbie to the vivarium world and have fallen in love with pet roaches! Currently, I own 4 pet Gromphadorhina Portentosa but just ordered another 3 Black Morph Portentosa and a small colony of Blatica Dubia as well! I hope to learn as much as I can here from the more experienced folk!
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