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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Yeah, I read every post in this thread. I liked that you named german roaches, but I will never like that species. Well maybe never is too harsh. I lived in a house with a bad infestation for a while as a teen. I must have let the roaches I was keeping go free. I didn't have any chams at the time.
  3. I think it's pretty interesting. I love roaches, but I don't mind a few undergoing this procedure to teach future nerds. As long as it's not wothout reason. Plus it's way too complicated, and too much work for a psychopath who just wants to be mean to something.
  4. I started after animals before I could walk. Insects, spiders, toads, whatever a baby could grab. I moved to Hawaii when I was 4, and was able to catch geckos, anoles, and of course roaches. I got a male, and female roach in a kritter cage, and they had babies. I was quite fascinated, but I quickly realized they were kind of everywhere. So I stopped keeping them. At least until I needed something better than crickets in my late teens. So I started a dubia colony. I found them so interesting that they rekindled my love of roaches.
  5. Oh, cool! I didn't even know these were available here. I saw them being called nine dragons' worms, by a person from china.
  6. I think most people would be searching their bed out of fear, not concern.lol Didn't know a b12 deficiency could make ones legs feel all crawly. I'll have to remember that. I had a dream a week, or two ago. Kind of inspired me to join the forum. In the dream I somehow encountered a large container. Possibly a cardboard box, or plastic storage container. It was kind of a tall container though. Like four feet tall, and two foot wide. I opened it up, and tons of big, brightly colored Eublaberus prosticus started running up the sides at me. I was all like whoah awesome, and let one crawl on my hand as the rest went running everywhere I guess. I woke up with my roach fascination renewed.
  7. I plan on getting some O. duesta later this year. It's such a cool looking species. Plus I hear they make great feeders. And yeah you totally could have gotten a free meal at Denny's. I wouldn't have attempted it, but it would definitely work.lol
  8. Well that's sad, that they die like that, and hardly come out. I'd recommend a lot more cover. Maybe like some leaves and branches. It is kind of strange though that they appear only when half dead. You've only had them a couple months after all. Are they all getting proper access to the food?
  9. I'd really like some of those Polyzosteria mitchelli, and some blue xestoblatta.
  10. I tried to start a colony of these, but I could never find them in enough numbers. Of course when I wasn't looking for them I'd flip over boards with thousands underneath. Little jerks.lol
  11. So is the little centipede why you keep dreaming about other stuff hitching a ride?
  12. One dream I have often is where I happen upon some kind of pet store. Of course this is dream world, so the pet store is almost always distopian/apocalyptic future style. Anyway I get in there, and there's all kinds of creatures I would be interested in. Some I recognize, others are varying degrees of fantastical. The fantastical part shocks my brain enough for me to figure out it's a dream, so I always just start running around grabbing all the creatures I can fit in my pockets, and such. It kind of varies how much I realize I'm in a dream, and how the scenario plays out. Like sometimes The pet store is abandoned, and other times there's the threat of somebody catching me, or interfering, and a few times I've even tried to pay. It's really hard to pull anything useful out of your pockets when you're dreaming though. I think one time I pulled out money that had future president Hank Johnson's face on it. I don't really know why I try to grab up all the creatures when I know it's a pointless dream. Still in dream logic mode even when I know full well it's a dream I guess.
  13. Any time you see one animal fighting, or killing another animal on tv, and the camera cuts to another angle, you know it's staged. Especially when the opponents are a rare combination. In any case they should have used human voice actors instead of weird animal noises. The show was really too messed up to begin with. I wonder if they still make new episodes.
  14. There are a lot of different species, and they all have different interesting characteristics. They don't bite, or sting. They're easy to care for, and relatively cheap. They'll eat anything, and they live peacefully together.
  15. Hopefully you've learned from this disaster. Sounds pretty nasty.
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