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  1. Poultry Feed has DL Methionine in it....a "green" pesticide patented by the university of Florida. It targets insects with an alkaline gut physiology including mosquitos. termites, larvae like caterpillars, and our beloved cockroach amongst others. Its been sprayed on stored grain for years to control pests. Its used to increase protein levels making meatier and faster growing birds.... Patent Link
  2. Bananas and my homemade roach chow.....
  3. I'm so glad this issue has been brought up....having bred Dubia for the last 12 years I have unequivocally stated that by introducing "new" blood lines you are apt to introduce negatives rather than a positive. My argument was based upon my own experience purchasing a very large collection and bartering other people's roaches with my supplies....I give them chow they give me roaches. I began to see health issues with other people's roaches....primarily smaller females, lack of production, premature death. I also noted that the current dubia population was introduced 20+ years ago and all dubia
  4. Chick starter has DL Methionine in it...a man made synthetic chemical meant to replicate naturally occurring "Methionine" which is one of the essential amino acid proteins necessary for most life here on earth. It has been patented by the University of Florida as a "green" pesticide targeting insects with an alkaline gut physiology including termites, mosquitos, caterpillar/larvae, and our beloved cockroach....among others. It has been sprayed on stored grain for years, hence the reason you will find it in everything from Guinea Pig food, to Tortoise food. Its primary addition is to poultry fe
  5. Yes we do….nymphs up to fresh adults....can I link to my website ? (not sure if its against the rules)
  6. I wouldn't argue your point, however my experience has been 180 degrees opposite. We vended 28 shows last year and seen a lot of folks selling Hissers.....they were always much more expensive than what we were selling them for....10 for 15.00 dollars. I had one guy tell me how mine were hybrids and his were pure stock based upon the size of his compared to mine. I let it pass.... however what he failed to note is that he wasn't selling any of his Hissers at his price point and that's why his were larger, they were older. It wasn't the first time I heard another vendor claim his were the real d
  7. I have bred literally thousands of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches for the last 8 years. I purchased close to 5K from a guy in Ohio....the concept of purity or hybridized never entered our negotiation as I didn't care. They have never been added to, I have sold thousands in this time and continue to sell them at shows and our website as "hybrids" because I have no idea if they were pure or not. Given where I got them, and the 3" plus size they achieve as they age, and what I believe to be a very consistent color and pattern, I don't think they are hybrids...but again I don't know. I have seen a
  8. Hello, we've been breeding Hissers for about 7-8 years now. We vend at reptile shows and have a lot of kids, and adults, wanting to hear the Hissers hiss....I grab a male by the legs and give them a light shake. They try to pull away and pretty much in the process start hissing up a storm....if they are cold they don't tend to hiss much. I'm talking about the roaches not the kids..... 🙂 Mike
  9. Orangeheads…..I have huge colonies that have never had supplemental heat. They actually generate their own heat.....
  10. I would like to add something....I recommend not using poultry crumbles/pellets in your dry roach chow. One ingredient found in most if not all poultry feed products, even those labeled "organic" is Methionine. Methionine is an amino acid protein found in many natural food products, much needed in humans and I assume most mammals, birds, and who knows what else. For poultry producers wishing to breed faster growing birds, they discovered that Methionine was a "limiting" amino acid protein....the weakest link in the chain if you will. They needed to raise this limiting factor and over the last
  11. Wild Game Bird Feed...."starter" version as there is "conditioner" and "flock" and I think one other type. First ingredient on starter is "plant protein products" while conditioner notes "grain by products".....starter notes 28% protein and I assume its soybean based because soybeans are one of the highest plant based proteins out there. (although soybean isn't mentioned) The conditioner notes a 16% protein level but again doesn't specify a single source of that protein. For example, chick feed "hen scratch" which is noted at around 8% protein has listed in its ingredients corn and sorghum, (m
  12. I use Zip-Loc weathertite tubs for my thousands and thousands of Hissers....recently Sterilite came out with a similar product, not as well built but taller which I like. They have a blue dense foam seal around the underside of the lid edge which keep the little ones from sneaking out. I once made the mistake of keeping Hissers in a Exo Terra glass tank....it was an awesome display with natural features that grabbed a lot of attention at the reptile shows I vend at.....I quickly learned the babies could fit through the crack(s) between the glass doors....they are very slender and f
  13. You need to keep them fed....no food and they'll start trying to eat through the mesh to get out
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blaptica_dubia
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