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  1. Welcome to the forum! I was an intern at Butterfly Pavilion a few years ago, and I absolutely LOVED it. I miss it everyday!
  2. Thanks everyone! This has been a great help. I've removed the substrate and am now keeping my hissers dry. Later on I may try to go back to a natural setup, but I'll introduce isopods to maintain any mite problems. The mites appear to be in my Gyna lurida colony too. I've always kept them humid because I thought this species needed it. Do they? Or can I convert them to a dry setup as well?
  3. I have a handful of G. portentosa adults. In the past few weeks I've noticed a weird white "dust" on one of my males. Not a single other roach has this... just the one male. I've gently given him baths and have entirely cleaned and sterilized their enclosure several times, but the "dust" comes back within a few days. Whatever this dust is, it's TINY. There was one occasion where I thought I could vaguely make out a little white mite walking around, but this dust stuff is sooooo tiny I'm not sure that's actually what I saw. Additionally, I observed my affected male doing some weird behavior t
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