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  1. I really think pineapple is not safe for my roaches since i only notice dead roaches when i feed them pineapple and they dont seem to consume it right away. I tried this twice and dead roaches popping up. Now i just buy some Calabaza since it is cheap and breeders seem to find a lot of success in breeding roaches when they feed them Calabaza and moringa w/c are readily available.
  2. I regularly feed my roaches fruits and vegetables once a week. Last week I tried feeding my roaches some left over pineapple. For some reason they did not consume the pineapple pieces and I noticed some dead roaches around my bins. Are there any food items that could be very harmful for roaches? I tried to google search but nothing came up because searches will just show diet suggestions for dubia roaches. My roaches are N.Cinerea(Lobster roaches) , G. Portentosa (Hissers) , E. Prosticus (Orange head roaches), B.Dubia, and B. Lateralis (Turkestan roaches). So anybody got a list of food items that will be harmful for my roaches? I live in a tropical area so fruits and vegetables are very readily available. Tips and advice will be very much appreciated. TIA.
  3. I got it. i just got some cloth glued it on the edges of the bin and it worked keeping those little buggers in.
  4. LOL. That was fun. At least you got a to bring a pet to relieve you of the boredom that numbers give.
  5. So I have some roaches namely B. Dubia, G. Portentosa, P. Surinamensis, N. Cinerea and recently some B.Lateralis. So heres the thing i set them up in a bin. I underestimated the distance between the egg crates and the lid w/c has decent size holes.(1" in diameter). So some roaches jumped out through the holes in the lid. So I found a lot of roaches around my rack and a couple fell down my P. Transvaalicus Tanks and became a mid night snack. And I had to spend 30 mins inside the room chasing down those roaches. Damn they are fast and live up to their name. Red Runners. these are really the flash of the roach world.
  6. forgot to mention weather could also influence die offs from lats.
  7. Lateralis colonies sometimes collapse in numbers but will recover in due time. Just check the humidity,temperature,food source etc. for optimum production,
  8. I have 4 inches of petroleum jelly as barriers on my tub. Yet they can still saw nymphs around my rack that escaped. any other suggestions on how to keep them in. It's really a shame to loose some nymphs to ants after they escaped, Now I'm planning to buy some mesh of some sort and perhaps use it to cover the top of the tub before closing its lid. What kind of mesh should i use that the roaches won't even try chewing on?
  9. Hi guys, I'm not exactly new to keeping roaches since i have a stable colony of dubia roaches for a year now. And I recently got a decent amount of lobster roaches to feed my inverts w/c both species seem to thrive and breed successfully but My new G. Portentosa nymphs keeps on escaping. Petroleum jelly does NOT do the job of preventing the nymphs from escaping. I keep them in a tub and they could pass through the small openings and I see some nymphs around my invert rack regularly. How can I prevent them from escaping. I temporarily solved the problem by taping the sides every time i close it and tape it back again afterwards. Whats the best escape proof barrier for Those troublesome escape artists? Help!!
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