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  1. I'm guessing from reading that you feed yours bearded dragon pellets, these are feeders. In that case, I feed my breeder bin and feeder bins both all the stuff my dragon eats like collard greens, dandelion greens, mustard greens, all squashes, apples and Scratch and Peck soy and corn free organic starter chick mash. The breeder bin also gets slices of white and wheat bread as treats which they go CRAZY for, oranges and once in a while a banana. The plus side to the starter mash is that it double as a substrate which the babies and small nymphs love to burrow in. As for water, I just use water crystals in one of those small reptile water dish.
  2. I use Scratch and Peck 21% protein organic soybean and corn free starter chick mash and my breeders love it. I toss it down in the corner of the bin and they chow it and use it as a substrate that the babies will burrow into and sleep in. I also feed them stuff like romaine lettuce, apples, oranges, bananas, white bread(which they love), carrots, collard greens and stuff like that. When I first got the roaches, they seemed kind of sluggish and thin. Since I've been feeding them the stuff I do, they are fat and VERY active. Breeding all over, running all over and alert.
  3. If you really want to see your dubias go crazy, put a slice of white bread with water dripped on it in the bin. Mine pour out of the egg crates like a horror movie and swarm the bread. the slice is gone except for maybe a bit of crust in about an hour.
  4. I had the same thing happen to my dubia colony when I got it. I figured it was overheat since when I unpacked them, the egg crates were soaking wet and there was a wet mush of dead roaches at the bottom of the box. Then I kept losing adult females, males and nymphs for about a week or so after. Usually 5 or so a day, slowly dropping to 2-3 a day. Now it seems fine after about 3 weeks(knock on wood). They did the same thing, spaz out and run frantic like they were confused, then lose motor skills, not be able to right themselves up, lethargic and then die. I never did figure out what was going on. All I did was clean the dead out daily and pray. I lost about half my colony order of 40 females, 15 males, 100 large nymphs and 500 mixed nymphs. But like I said, they seem ok now even though I do find a couple dead here and there but its adults so I figure those are just old age. Anyways good luck and hope you don't lose as many as I did.
  5. Ok for those who have dubia colonies, have you ever ran into pesticides on veggies and fruits from local chain grocery stores like Safeway, Albertsons, Top Foods and the likes? I ask this cause I've recently started a dubia colony to feed my bearded dragon and I've just been feeding the roaches organic stuff from the same natural store that I buy my bearded dragons veggies from. I've noticed though that at the chain grocery stores, stuff like lettuce, carrots, apples and oranges are a lot cheaper there than at the natural store but like I said, i'm kinda worried about any pesticides on the veggies or fruit wiping out my roach colony.
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