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  1. What is the best clean up crew for cleaning up the cockroach feces? I've tried isopods, but they don't seem to work very well.
  2. They aren't bad as long as the nymphs can't climb. If the nymphs can climb, then it can be disastrous (I speak from experience ).
  3. Do you have problems with the nymphs getting out the sides where the front doors are? I am thinking about getting some G. grandidieri to go in an exo-terra terrarium.
  4. I have a 40 gallon for my hissers. 5inches of vaseline would not look good on a 20 gallon setup
  5. I don't even have a lid on my hisser cage anymore. I just put a 5in layer of vaseline around the top. How large is your enclosure?
  6. This should probably be another topic, but I have a few questions about Gyna lurida that I am hoping you can answer: -Are they very active (adults)? -Do they grow fast? I got some small nymphs last week. Now I am just waiting on them to grow.
  7. I found one in my cricket enclosure once. He had molted a few times
  8. I would really like to build a paludarium in the future with roaches in it. Does anyone have any suggestions about what kind of roaches would stay away from the water?
  9. Maybe it is good that the majority of people think that cockroaches are nasty pests...It might keep them from wearing them as jewelry.
  10. I finally got my Gyna lurida and H. tenebricosa. Haven't seen the G. lurida since I put them in the enclosure, but the H. tenebricosa stay on the surface a lot. I might order some more G. lurida.
  11. A while back, there was a tv series on the discovery channel called; The Future is Wild. On one episode, they show some predictions of insects in the future. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICQv0yArFs8
  12. What size setup is that? Awesome setup. Love the mushroom ornament.
  13. I think too much calcium can make it hard for them to molt?
  14. I have my hissers in a 40 gallon natural setup. I have them separated though (male on one side female on other). I have a few arrowhead vines and a philodendron on the female's side. The male's side got crowded, and they trampled the plants on their side . The female's side is still pretty. I also have an exo-terra terrarium that I will be putting a Gyna lurida colony in soon. It is planted too.
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