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  1. Looking at size genetics in G. Portentosa currently, I have noticed the difference you have talked about and it is NOT related to how much they have eaten. I have no conclusion as of yet as to why u see these two forms. There are those "in the middle" though in my colony, do you have those "average" ones as well or is there a gap between the two types?
  2. my hissers don't have them. they do not require them.
  3. I'd just like to find G. Portentosa Giant Morph without mites....
  4. I have been told that while a grandidieri does exist in the wild, we don't have it in culture. I bring this up as instead we have misidentified out G. Portentosa as such. As for P.V.? I am trying to determine yet whether the same thing is true or if we do have them in culture.
  5. Yea, I had wanted to acquire some from you, but an ongoing illness had me sidelined for several months Doing better now so trying to restart again.
  6. Likely she will produce normal young as the defect would be unlikely to be genetic in origin.
  7. Has anyone made a colony by selecting only the largest individuals for breeders?
  8. Wanna see them pig out? Put in some Honeycomb cereal!
  9. I have one same thing happened. How is yours doing?
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