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  1. I don't have Morphna dotata nor the other roach I listed. The only rare one I got is C. Magnifica.
  2. Ha, you better have something of equal value by the the time I get a colony established six months ha. They must live for quite a while.
  3. Onychostylus orientalis Morphna dotata yes I do have magnifica, but I only have one female and she's the only females I got, hope she's gravid or I find a male for her. If I ever do get a colony established, I'll gladly trade.
  4. Catara rugosicollis Eushelfordia pica Catara minor Lobopterella dimidiatipes Morphna maculata Onychostylus vilis
  5. Aww, shame, I could really us a male corydidarum magnifica
  6. Congratulations, hope more come your way
  7. Salmons, that's a beautiful image of a termite reproductive and MrCrakerpants the link you provided is a good read
  8. Yes, mantises and termites had the same common ancestor, a testimony to insect's biodiversity. Getting out of topic but has anyone seen Netflix new series, Stranger Things. In my opinion I think it's a great show and I can't wait for them to release the new season on 2017
  9. Termites are not aloud in the house as well that's why I keep them In the garage, which is separated from the house, and is use as storage. I also keep the rest of my bugs in the garage.
  10. I thought about that too. It's kind of hard, seeing them as cockroaches, almost like they they are on another plain of existence. But if you would like to do honors of moving this post then be my guest.
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