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  1. Just thought I would add a pic of my new Madagascan hissing cockroach tub http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h405/Reptilesarethebest/9537f34d8ea1bde27d115623958597d2.jpg They have been upgraded from the biggest exo terra faunarium to a 24 litre wilkinsons tub. It is roughly the same floor space but is a bit taller so I can add more bark and wood for them to climb and I can also add a deeper substrate. http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h405/Reptilesarethebest/bf9d5cc07b5732d650dc8098377c95fc.jpg I have put one piece of bark up the side so I can check on them without disturbing them. You can also see the deep substrate. They is also a sub adult deaths head in here somewhere but it hides in the substrate a lot. I am hoping to get some more deaths head at Bugfest, and start a seperate colony of them. I am also looking to get a few other species of cockroach at Bugfest. I hope you like Thanks for any replies
  2. Here is a pic of their tank http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h405/Reptilesarethebest/IMG_0218.jpg
  3. The fire millipede was my favourite. She managed to kill her self, I kept the, in a fish tank and she climbed up the sealant and some how got thought the cover and she fell off the chest of drawers the tank was on and the shock killed her. I have no idea how she managed it. I'm not sure about them being in the US I'm in the UK
  4. Hi, I just thought I would post up some pics of some millipedes I had Madagascan Fire Millipede, Ruby http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h405/Reptilesarethebest/IMG_0096.jpg Vietnamese Rainbow Millipede, Ava http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h405/Reptilesarethebest/IMG_0092.jpg Giant African Millipede, Sapphire http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h405/Reptilesarethebest/Horseinsunset136.jpg I hope the pics work. It is the first time I have posted pics on here and I don't know how
  5. No not all in the same tub. I have six tubs at the moment. I have decided that I am going to drill holes in the lids of maybe two of the tubs and cut large sections and mesh it in the rest of the tubs, and then I can rotate the lids depending on what species I decide on. Would it be better to put the mesh on the inside or the outside of the lid?
  6. The tub is a 24 litre tub. I am planning to put Madagascan hissing roaches, dubia roaches, deaths head, domino, question mark. Possibly more. Is there a way to do it so it could be suitable for any species, or invert?
  7. Hi, I brought some new tubs to put the roaches I am getting in. I am not sure wether it would be better to drill lots of small air holes around the top of the tub or to cut one big hole at one end of the lid and cover it with fine mesh. Which do you think would be better? Thanks for any replies
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