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  1. Good source of carbs, they go mad for it
  2. It's baffling me. Growing the nymphs has never been a problem although I may try the catfood only test on a batch to see if they do grow quicker. It's the breeding adults thats the problem. I've never misted as I have always been worried about the egg trays getting soggy. I really can't understand why they just won't breed properly, especially when I see you tube vids of people breeding by the thousands and all they do is chuck a few scraps in.
  3. Well I really don't know what to do now. I have 2 x 80l tubs with 500 adults in each one (400f x 100m) Temps at 83-89 humidity 40%ish Their chow consists of ground up oats,bran flakes & dog biscuit. They have a constant water supply they have access to apples, oranges, banana's most days. they also get a slice of white bread twice a week. Each tub, even if the females only have 20 young a month, should be producing at least 5-8000 a month. I'm lucky if im getting 800-1000. I only harvest the nymphs every fortnight, so it's not as if im disturbing them all the time. I really do not know what else to do. Both tubs have breeder females, not females that have just moulted from nymphs. ANY help would be great as I don't know what else i can do. Thanks guys.
  4. My Dubia's love cucumber, skin and all. Unless there are Oranges in there it's the first thing to go
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