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  1. Thanks everyone for the feedback!! What is the difference between Orthoporus ornatus & Orthoporus texicolens? Does the temperament & behavior tend to be the same?
  2. Taking away the individual personality issue, what are some really good millipedes that are readily available in the pet trade, that as a species are very reluctant to stay balled up & secrete when picked up and handled? I was looking at some of these Chicobolus spinigerus - Ivory Millipede , Narceus Americanus - Cherry Foot millipedes, Narceus sp. - Brown Banded Desert Millipede, Orthopotus texicolens. - Texas Desert Millipede, Spirobolidae tylobolus - Southwestern Black Millipede... Thanks in advance for the advice!!
  3. Great, so a combination of the hermit crab bites, fish flakes and fruits & veggies they will get all the nutrients they need?
  4. As my dry food, I have been using turtle/iguana pellets and fish flakes for my hissers. I can't tell if they are eating the dry pellets at all, and I don't want to use cat/dog food. I saw the hermit crab variety bites & fruit salad dried treats, and was wondering if they would eat those & if they would contain the needed nutrition. Thanks!!
  5. I just found on the ground a female Dynastes tityus, I was going to keep her only if I can provide the necessary care she requires. I have been reading that they eat tree sap in the wild, I have read on forums that people feed them maple syrup & fruits(watermelon & grapes). Is this enough to keep them alive & healthy, or does the tree sap provide something that we cannot give them in captivity? Thanks in advance for the help here. pdm
  6. Is there a species of Millipede out there in the pet trade thats size is comparable to the African giant black, but like the smaller pink foot species, is very reluctant to secrete or ball up when handled..?? ~pdm
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