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  1. The locale for the biting cockroaches was south Gainesville Florida. I was running around Orlando two weeks ago at night and I did not see any roaches except fairly large "American" cockroaches. I did see 4 types of tree frogs, mediteranian geckos and two anole species.All were exotic except for green and squirrel tree frogs but I guess you would say this is off topic.All were at Disneys Wide World of Sports resort. Oh yea there were some darn big katydids. If I would have found any exotic roaches, they might have come home with me

  2. I love the desert herps. I got into roaches to feed my bearded dragons. Since then I have gotten 3 Cuban anoles, two collared lizards and 2 leopard lizards. I am not feeding roaches yet till the colony is well established. I don't have any right now but I love me some chuckwallas !

  3. You are talking really steady hands for AI.. I have done it myself on much larger animals and anything smaller than a cow involves steady hands and a very good perception of anatomy of both the male and female. In theory you would be able to cross animals that are seperated by behavior or anatomical barriers. practice is a whole lot different. Before widespread use of DNA genotyping one of the ways to tell how closely animals were related was to inseminate an egg in a petri dish with hamster sperm.We never got any monkey/hamsters or even mice/ hamsters from this but it helped to tell how closely related animals are. Colubrid snakes such as corn an

    End king snakes will cross readily if you fool them into mating but I don't think anyone does AI in reptiles even. Plant your feet on the group d but keep reaching for the stars. Good luck


  4. Welcome. I don't think anyone knows for sure the nutritional requirements of a roach. I feed high protein cat food for feeding to lizards. Ithink that will be just fine. I think the giants are a little more delicate and need more vegetables though than the average roach. What kind of insectivores do you have ?

  5. Thanks. I don't think it will get that cold in GA in the next 8 days but who knows ? I did not realise I have natural gas heat instead of propane here. Propane has a high delivery fee natural gas is charged per unit like electricity. It could potentially get into the 30 Fahrenheit range. That's way. too cold. I have been keeping them at 90 f and the orange heads are breeding like crazy. I just don't want to screw up a good thing. Thanks for the feedback.

  6. I have both the species you keep. The orange heads were slower to start breeding but are now faster than the dubia. I don't know what is going on but I suspect fungus or other disease. Do you have an Entymologist near you to examine the carcasses more closely ? I check on my roaches every day and remove the dead ones. I don't know if you feed from this colony but I would freeze and thaw the dead roaches to free to my lizards that eat dead roaches. Those flys like fruit fly will lay their eggs but that is after the fact.

  7. Years ago outside of Hog town herpetological in Gainesville Florida there were these roaches that looked about the size of Germans. They would fly at your mouth and bite you around your lips when you turned over a board. They hurt !! We called them Cubans back then but I don't know what they were or if they are still there.

  8. Rotten wood produces heat. I guess roaches hibernate. If not then at least the egg cases will be there to hatch out next spring.I really thought I knew intolerance when I just kept snakes. I can remember not to long ago thinking this guy I met at a reptile show was nuts for breeding roaches to feed his tarantulas. Now I am right there with him although I like roaches better than tarantulas !!

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