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  1. The more the merrier. I would take the whole colony and start feeding adult males till you reach about a 1 to 4 male to female ratio. Roaches don't breed as fast as crickets so too many is better than not enough.
  2. I have had a new colony started for about a month or so. They are at low density for feeders but I have about 200 adults in an 18 gallon Rubbermaid and the nymphs are growing like crazy. I feed them ground up cat food and assorted veggies.
  3. I have orange heads and Dubia. The species I get is mostly what is available cheap at reptile shows. I want some red runners but they are more than dubia and smaller of course.
  4. Not trying to keep Germans. They are all over my parents house and nothing seems to kill them out. They need some tokay geckos but that is another story.
  5. Also, what is wrong with getting tropical roaches and a heating pad ? Any roach can survive the winter if you provide a proper Microenviroment.
  6. I have yet to get a hisser but I could only hope for four years. You could get attached to the bigger roaches.
  7. Biolumenescent mushrooms sound like fun to me!
  8. Why seperate them ? My roaches main purpose in life is too breed and make more roaches. Extra roaches are almost always desired for feeders or to sell to others for starter colonies. Having said that, I really do appreciate display animals to look at or use for education.
  9. My favorite scientific name is Solenopsitus invincita " the unconquerable ant " this description fits fire ants to a t. I like species names to be after people. I might like my name on a bug or a newly described sasquatch to be part of my 15 minutes of fame. By the way , I am a lumper instead of a splitter. I hate it when they change genus names. I don't want to memorise that. I am OK with varieties though such as Rattus norweigicus "Donaldrummsfieldi"
  10. Sounds like free monitor food to me. I don't like climbing bugs either but for hissers I would take the chance. I am new to this hobby too but I have found a few non climbing orange heads escaped. I just scoop them up and put them back in the colony. I don't know if this is a bad idea or not.
  11. I wonder if the genes in insects are the same as in mammals or reptiles. I don't see a 10 thousand dollar albino hisser in my future but who knows ?
  12. Third for E. Posticus mating while white. I see it routinely. I think it happens in my dubia colony but I haven't caught them red handed yet ! Roach voters , sounds a little sick to me !
  13. I like to look at roach videos on YouTube.90% of them are on Dubia. I would like to find a quality article/book/ video on problems getting Orange heads started breeding. Instead I am living it by trail and error. Here is probably your best source for information.
  14. I remember this guy on YouTube keeping a lot of species together with Orange heads.. He couldn't seem to find any nymps of anything but orange heads. I bet the Orange heads were eating the others nymphs. I keep single species set ups but I can see the allure of a good multi species of tank. I have been thinking of adding a few darkling Beatles to my orange heads as cleaners but I don't know if one or the other will eat each other.
  15. I haven't had much cannibalism with my orange heads. I feed them a similar diet ex kept no wood. They have been doing a whole lot better since I started powdering the dry cat food. They were not reproducing before then. They are notorious wing biters and I have found they chew wings and eventually kill the chewed wing ones if I don't change the water crystals daily to every other day.
  16. Hello from Carrollton GA near Atlanta. Anyone else on this board from GA ? This should be a good place to raise feeder roaches because lots of the commercial cricket industry is here. I am mostly a reptile person trying to be self sufficient in feeding my small in size and number lizard collection. I just have one Orange head and one Dubai colony. But with my new experience with roaches, hissers and giant cave Roaches can't be to far in the future.
  17. I am trying to start an american cockroach colony. I remember seeing them occasionally in my parents house as big or bigger than my Orange heads. The few I have found in this house are much smaller.I wonder if my mind was playing tricks on me.I remember reading stories about insects of the past reaching giant sizes. I wonder if you raised larger species in a low density big oxygen environment you could raise giants ?
  18. Most roaches that can survive the winter unheated in your area can be pests in your area if they get out. The idea behind using tropical roaches in part is as a safety mechanism in case of escape.we don't need to many unprepared people keeping cold resistant species. If Burmese pythons can make the injurious wildlife list, our help beloved dubia could make it quickly if there were a California introduction.that being said, I would go with the american cockroach.
  19. I have those flys all over my house and they were in my roach colony at a low level until it cooled off a little around here. I keep them down by some daily cleaning. I leave some frass in there but not much else.
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