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  1. they also like chilid sticks or fish food as a protien source. they also seem to have a hiarchy and need lots of vert surfaces where the largest ones will claim the top spots. they will for a fact eat one anothers antena and nip wings if they dont have viable protien in their diet... I use coco bark as well but I understood it that they prefered higher humidty. the babies are.. FAST af... no lie. however my adults though jumpy are mostly pretty chill... I love this species they are awesome, but they can be kinda tuff I dunno your milage may vary but I dont really think of them as a beginner species.
  2. that dude antscanda has amazeballs formacariums, perhaps you should get into antkeeping
  3. I give my hissers stuff from right out my garden , and fruit that I dont completely finish. they eat everything and anything I have ever offered, and no die off from the garden food, or grocery food. I even have fed them raw dandilion greens. they are garbage disposals. for a treat I give them chiclid sticks or other fishfood. only deaths I have had have been from old age, or a horrible molt gone wrong. isnt it interesting, yours are dying and I feed mine without a care darn near anything I would compost or whatever, and my colonly could care less... there has to be other food or envrionmental issues at play when ppl mostly feed the same and one guys colony suffers while another thrives. dude I have cleaned out my jucier after a ginger carrot and kale drink was made, and squished the waste into a ball and dropped it in the colony and they devoured it without any ill effects... gave the same food ball to my dubia and they loved it as well. I dunno.
  4. you can use a series of buckets with drilled holes in them, start with a larger bit, then the last bucket use a very tiny bit to drill the holes..., pour into the first bucket and shake it into the next, youll get your roaches sized this way and mostly only substrate will pass into the last bucket. just what I have done before dunno if it will work for your application.
  5. I have lesser meal worms and they are actually kind of disruptive to the roaches I see the roaches flick them, and generally get irritated by them if their population swells. in hindsight I wouldnt have used them at all, and I am thinking they decimated my springtails. :/ dermestids may be different, but at this point I really just would stick with springtails when substrate is involved and NOTHING but roaches when its not. you can clean non substrate tanks so easily...
  6. I am considering adding some carnivorous plants to the house and was wondering if anyone here has this as a hobby as well and if you feed off any of your "feeder" roaches to the plants?
  7. Those dirty bastards! Yeh I certainly dont plan to introduce them to anything else, I got them on advice specifically for my giant cave starter colony... I can see now that at this stage at least they were wholy unecessary and they quickly were able to basically take over.
  8. I am just going to weed them out time to time and manage their population, by sending them to RomanBuck hahha.
  9. ahahhah shit derp. yeah man I gots those. Up here they use the paper waxed ones a lot at the deli counter, so I just assumed...
  10. what constitutes a deli cup ? I dont think I have a waxed cup like you would get from a food service place, I do however have some solo keg cups and other smallish tupperware things would those work to capture them or are you suggesting something specific?
  11. Hello all- I have a small starting colony of giant caves, of which one has finally become an adult out of the six I have in the enclosure. I have a very healthy spring tail colony, and I have also introduced lesser meal worms. The lesser meal worms adult beetles however, have exploded and I have a ton of them in the enclosure. So heres where I need some advice. I am thinking they are just too thick in there, and I was hoping to have someone who uses them as part of their cleaning crew would be able to reassure me that they are not distrubing my roaches or in some way impeeding them. Am I looking at pulling some springtails and colonizing them, and then replacing the substrate with a "lesser meal worm free" batch of substrate? Should I just let the whole thing alone as far as I can tell they arent causing issue, but rationally it just seems off to me to have tons of them in the enclosure. When the one adult giant cave is out, he doenst seem to be pestered by the volume of beetles (mostly wandering around the corkbark having bettle romances). anyone have any thoughts on a cleaner crew that seems to have had a unbalanced swell in population? I am wanting to put more giant caves in that encloure as 6 (5 of which are still nymphs) is just too few.. so if you have some to spare hit me up... I can at the very least throw some cash and lesser meal worm beeltes at you hahahah. thanks- Loosey
  12. Microdina forceps look awesome. They are from India, I cant imagine they are not in the hobby overseas.
  13. perhaps try a relaxing solution when you defrost?
  14. find a piece of slate or thin square tile, attach the sticky side of a replite heat mat to the rock and then turn it upside down so the rock is facing up, then you can put your bin right on the heated rock.
  15. not a huge deal, kick it out of the roach bin and put it outdoors.
  16. not sure this would be a popular answer but you could withhold food for a breif time to see if they would accept a more varried diet. I mean think of it this way.. if you had an near endless supply of chocolate cake and you were REALLLLY into chocolate cake, why would you ever try Apple Pie?
  17. I have 6 nymphs, and I have only seen two since they hit the enclosure. Same evening I got them, one moulted, 4 have hidden in the substrate, and the largest one has seen fit to do a mixture of hiding and chillin on a large upright bit of bark. Added the darkling beetles and tropical springtails as well.
  18. unfortunately it didnt show! thats a bummer im not known for patience. guess it should be tomorrow, but thats another whole day of waiting for my bumbling post man... hes a real barney fife type.
  19. it worked out just right, and at 150 nothing to worry about survived. you really have to keep your eye on it. sitting around waiting for the post man to bring bugs SUCKS.
  20. I had fresh water apple snails like these, they can get quite large. I know these dont solve for : roach enclosure cleaner crew however they are awesome in a fish tank, if you have fish peacefull or small enough not to hassle them or bite off any parts.
  21. a tray in the oven at 150 for 10 minutes should do the trick no?
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