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  1. They are a lot of fun. Ive kept several species and the ackies are my favorite.
  2. Argentine b&w tegu pair, red ackie trio, argus monitor, 23 T's, 7 scorps
  3. Crickets IMO are a poor feeder...the breeding speed and maturation rate are the only area they outshine roaches.... They smell like death, they have a high mortality rate, noisy, less protein per volume then roaches. Roaches are less labor intensive to maintain.
  4. I have had the same problem with roaches not moving in a manner that stimulates some monitor babies... I have been playing with the goblin roaches and I have not had an animal that prefers crickets refuse them yet.
  5. I use a feeding bin for my monitors ....no hiding in there. If you prefer to feed in the cage Turkish roaches are readily available and faster moving...
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