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  1. This is most certainly not a husbandry issue. This guy has an elaborate setup and a very healthy appetite for meal worms, crickets and greens. I got the dubia because I do not like the sound and smell of crickets, nor the cost in my area because here you have to pay major pet store prices and it's too cold to order online right now. So I purchased a dubia colony in hopes it would be a good alternative but he has no interest in them. He's kind of a finicky eater. He taste tests everything and will spit out what he doesn't like and him out for what he does.
  2. Hopefully I figure out how to upload pics from my phone but has anyone else experienced their roaches scavenging under water? I have dubia and another similar roach and they both do it. None have drowned. They have ways to get out of water but prefer to stay in or near it. Scavenging the food I feed my crayfish from the bottom. O.o funny they sell crystals to keep your roaches from drowning. Below is a roach that I've been watching in the water all day.
  3. My bearded dragon doesn't want the dubia I bought for feeders. They hide and don't move fast enough to hold his attention but I don't like crickets, they smell and are noisy. Any suggestions? Anyone willing to sell any? I can only find dubia and hissers on eBay :/
  4. Thanks Jebbewocky, you've been helpful. Will they still both breed as fast if I leave them together? Oh, and I see everyone on here has a pic that is not of themselves. Should I remove my profile pic and put up something that isn't me?
  5. I need fast breeding, I have a hungry dragon :/. Does anyone on here sell colonies of dubia since I can't trust the people on eBay to know what they are selling me? If so, I'd like to talk numbers, sizes, and cost. How much slower are the discoid? What is their breeding rate?
  6. So would it be opinion these are discoids? If so, how often do they have babies and how many? If it is a giant then I would ask the same questions. Which would be better to breed for my dragon? I'm positive the guy have me all blaberus. Only the ones I got from the pet store would be dubia then. Is there a difference in cost between dubia and discoid?
  7. They are gorgeous! ( I never thought I'd say that about a roach! ) Although, so far I really like the Halloween roach too. Someday... I think Keith got the win?
  8. I do not know how to tell the juveniles apart. This adult just shed today from the new group I got in. It is obvious to me the guy did not give me Dubia but I have previous Dubia housed with these new ones. The only thing I can think is to take out what adults I know for sure are dubia and put them in something separate. Or would they be housed together just fine? This other roach is much bigger. It is either the giant one or the discoid, I do not know the two well enough to tell.
  9. This is the different males. The darker being dubia and the white one I assume blaberus species?
  10. I'm new to the roaches, obviously. I had bought a few adult Dubias to start a colony ( 1 adult male and five females and later from the same pet store another adult male and 6 more females), from a pet store, to feed a bearded dragon. I let them sit a while so that my beardie could finish off his rather annoying/smelly crickets. During this time I only witnessed one birth. So I decided to buy a colony of 250 mixed size Dubias off Ebay. As soon as I got them I noticed a marked difference in shape from the babies my Dubias had given birth to. Their bodies were more oval than round like the dub
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