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  1. I don't have a variety of species but I have plenty of tarantulas. I have: 1.1 P. striata 0.1 A. seemani 0.1 G. porteri 0.0.1 OBT 0.0.1 C. darlingi 0.0.9 L. parahybana 0.0.2 L. dificilis 0.0.2 B. vagans 0.0.1 G. rosea Hoping to add some more sometime soon.
  2. What tarantulas do you guys have! Post some pictures!!
  3. Heat will increase growth as long as they are being taken care of. If not, you'll just have weak roaches.
  4. I work in retail and we always watch the ones with backpacks or baggy clothes the most. Plus I wouldn't want to risk getting sued for a couple of roaches....
  5. If they did that, there would be so many idiots holding a defensive tarantula or scorpion. The way they label the inverts is so stupid.... I've seen a G. porteri labeled as B. vagans.... It's getting bad in Minnesota... Could be everywhere else (more than likely) but I've noticed it the most here. My local mom and pop pet store actually gives me the expired foods for a cheap cheap price. Plus I can go in there and collect Germans!
  6. I'm totally using that recipe for my lizard and roaches of course
  7. Best plant for the situation, pothos. Grows like a weed, low temps are fine, it looks cool, and you can make it like a backdrop. That idea just came to me so it would be harder to explain that lol.
  8. That's unfortunate... I guess having some unidentifiable species is cool. Adds a little suspense
  9. There are lots of things that people believe species are but we won't know until it's confirmed by an expert.
  10. Lol. Believe in yourself! I would love to identify new species but I don't have the tools to do it.
  11. Now how bout African bullets lol. Identify those along with Panchlora species giant and I'll be happy
  12. If you are good with Periplaneta, you will end up like me, selling a colony of 300 and still finding ooths all over wood and in different enclosures The only Periplaneta spp. I will now get is japonica. Nothing else other than MAYBE white eyes...
  13. I wouldnt. Nymphs of anything but P. americana would climb right through the vents. I would try and use one of those 2.5 gallon terrariums with the lid that slides out and then hot glue more screen on the existing screen to make the holes smaller. Thats what I would do.
  14. Its nearly impossible to get the right permits for importing "injurious insects" into the U.S. I find its not even worth it to look into.
  15. There will be an exotic animal fair at the VFW barn in cottage grove! There will be reptiles, birds, arachnids, roaches ( ), ect ect. It is on August 16th which is a Sunday 11am-4pm. More info can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/431634350353237/ Try to make it! It is the first one to my knowledge!!
  16. This may very well be my problem. I will have to feed sweeter foods more often than cat food. The only species that seems to really breed for me currently are my Blaberus hybrids and surinams. Time to go feed the herds! Thanks for the info!
  17. Where is more of the action coming from? The moist side or the dry side? I keep my Panchlora species in nearly identical setups. I keep them moist, 75-80 degrees, feed high protein cat food, and fruit once a week. I also keep springtails in their enclosures.
  18. Panchlora sp. Giant females are bigger than Panchlora nivea but Panchlora sp giant males are the size of Panchlora nivea. I have noticed that if you cant get one of the species down pat, its difficult to get the other species to breed.
  19. I would have to invite you to the group. Send me your name via P.M. on here.
  20. Well, if you have a facebook, post pictures in ROACHPARADISE and 9/10 times they are right on with identification.
  21. I wouldnt P.M. him on here. I would suggest sending him an email @ roachcrossing@gmail.com. He wont be home for a couple of days. He is on a trip.
  22. I believe they are just regular carpenter ants... They suck because they come in packs of hundreds. I can always try and get photos for you but they may suck
  23. I have never had a pest infestation ever in my old house so I dont have much experience with this stuff. After putting the lessers in there, I realized that was a mistake lol. They are eating the worm pupa. Oh well Next time I get worms I will be keeping them at a friends house.
  24. The ants are ganging up on my mealworm colony now... I added the lesser mealworms in with the mealworms to see if that would help. If the lessers take out the mealworms, flies, and the ants, I am just keeping lessers. These ants have gotten really ridiculous.
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